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  1. [​IMG]

    President Yukino has 60 scenes, the majority include sexual content. There are multiple images dedicated to kissing and touching that doesn’t qualify as hentai. Sex positions include the classics missionary, doggystyle, and cowgirl. Most of the game is not focused on sloppy intercourse, but the corruption of Yukino from an innocent schoolgirl into a slut!

    The writing is awesome. In one of my favorite scenes the text conveys Yukino’s private thoughts as she pretends to be asleep while her uncle gropes her! You can read her thoughts while her uncle slowly takes things further.

    The first hentai scenes were boring build-up, but after hours of teasing and work towards the finale, I could barely last ten seconds! The game keeps track of your sex states, including who took your virginity. I chose the Uncle. His penis was available only after twenty in-game days, but it was worth it! By this point, many men had groped and teased my pure prude Yukino, but Uncle cruised past them and took her pussy for a ride.

    You’re very unlikely to unlock all the sex scenes in your first playthrough. But after you beat the game, you can restart with all your outfits, items, and half a million yen! With that much of a head start, the corruption goes a lot faster.

    On my first playthrough, I cheated on the boyfriend without his knowledge. He was blissfully ignorant that his girlfriend was prostituting herself to the highest bidder. On my second playthrough, I had sex with everyone in town until the boyfriend found out! He came in his pants upon discovering he’s dating a depraved sex beast!

  2. The game is a pure corruption experience. At the start of your journey, the girls will punch any man that dares to touch them! When the girls start having sex regularly, this reluctance dissolves, and you can start to routinely have sex with guards, and townspeople, like going to the store for your everyday groceries.

    The corruption events have unique artwork, while the sex scenes after corruption reuse the same art. The circle perfected this formula in their later title, Liz of the Tower Town. In the case of this game, the game manages to have over 100 sex scenes, precisely because the visual assets are reused effectively.

    The gameplay works seamlessly with the hentai elements. As you unlock more sex scenes, the Goddess of Love rewards you with more class upgrades. These upgrades come with sexier costumes! The men get all hot and horny! If you’ve developed a whore’s reputation, some men will fuck you right in public! In one of my favorite scenes, Sylvia gets bent over the counter, creampied right in front of the shopkeeper!

    Like in Grand Theft Auto, the player can choose to swap between the three heroines during free roaming phases. Keep some girls pure, while turning others into absolute whores. You don’t have to do anything; Keep the girls virgins if that’s your kink, or turn everyone into cock-addicted alpha bitches. Having the ability to toy with your characters’ sexuality adds an extra level of eroticism to the experience.


  3. [​IMG]

    Shinobu-kun has 15 sex scenes in total, each with its own unique CG image and variations. Coupled with some nicely written erotic dialogue, the hentai is definitely worth whipping out your dick for.

    In one scene you’re wearing a maid outfit while performing a tittyfuck to a total stranger! In another scene, you’re wearing your school swimsuit, and get taken from behind by one of your classmates!

    The sex positions range from doggystyle and missionary, to cowgirl and even standing sex. There are no animations for the hentai, but the CG variations ensure you have visuals cues to know that things are heating up.

    There is no virgin route in this game; at a certain point it will unavoidable for you to service another man. The game does not keep track of sexual stats like who you last slept with. There are no impregnation mechanics.

    Shinobu may talk about her womb being filled up, but there’s no secret pregnant ending. And Shinobu may talk about being inexperienced, but nothing changes if you have sex hundreds of times! And although you can get raped if you lose the battle, Shinobu isn’t traumatized! Overall, the game has great hentai, even if very vanilla compared to other titles I’ve reviewed.

  4. Kunoichi Tsubaki has 64 sex scenes in total, but far fewer unique CGs. Also, the vast majority of sex scenes are very formulaic and organized by sex position. You got three scenes in doggystyle, three in missionary, three in the cowgirl position, three paizuri scenes, three blowjobs, and three handjobs.

    The formula is so repetitive, the vast majority of these sex scenes are a complete snore. Do I really need the same artwork of doggystyle sex three times in a row? In the first image she’s got her eyes closed while she bears with it. In the third scene she’s smiling and enjoying it. That’s not variety, that’s just changing her face slightly!

    This part of the game gets especially grating when you stumble on to a sex scene that doesn’t fit your tastes. There’s a scene with lesbian scissoring that appears at least four times throughout the game. You better like scissoring, or you’re keeping the skip button pressed a long while.

    The writing is handicapped by the style of the game. The game has a casual, comedic air about it. Because of the light-hearted tone, there is no real weight to the sex scenes. Over 60 men cum inside your character, and she never shows concern about getting pregnant. Is she infertile?

    My favorite scene was when the innkeeper fucked Tsubaki while she was asleep. He just slip up her skirt and began plowing her defenseless slit! Next morning she woke up with a burning between her legs, and no clue about what happened! Imagine if she got knocked up in her sleep! Too bad there’s no impregnation in this game.


  5. Magic Shop features scenes of masturbation, and vaginal sex, and minor femdom.


    One of the few sex scenes in this game involves taking a woman from behind while riding a motorcycle. There is little movement or variation in the scene, and it goes on longer than it should. The writing feels mediocre and uninspired. I assume this is because the game is a patchwork project crafted piece by piece over the years. There are one or two animations in the game, but they’re very short and only cover hand movements, leaving the entire body completely still.

    One of the potions in the game makes Princess Jasmine horny, and she begins to finger herself. If you pick the correct dialogue options through trial and error, she will allow you to masturbate while looking at her face.

    There is also a scene where your character has sex with Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series. It’s an okay scene, but also highlight the issue with this game: Segmenting the stories and sex scenes into two minute adventures makes the overall experience incoherent and difficult to emotionally invest in. By the time you’ve gotten excited, the sex is already over!


  6. The game has around 46 erotic scenes. There are around 20 unique CG images, each with multiple variations. If you plan to view every single sex scene in the game, you will be seeing some familiar images.

    The first hentai scenes showcase Olyana drugged and raped while Zasha sleeps. The guy deflowers the holy knight and impregnates her without her knowledge! She was saving her chastity for her beloved boyfriend.

    You can also have sex with the angel who descended from the heavens. She only gets two sex scenes, and is completely expressionless throughout the fucking. The angel has never had sex before, and views it as a strange quirk of humans. Also, in one mandatory scene, your character is forced to urinate in front of Zasha. Why the fuck not?

    Each sex scene has dirty talk that insinuates Olyana is risking pregnancy by having unprotected sex. But there are no impregnation mechanics to this game. Even the endings only include a single pregnancy CG.

    There are cuckolding / netorare scenes. At first, Olyana has sex without her boyfriend knowing – by the end of her corruption, she’s completely at ease about boinking dudes right in front of him.

  7. Witch Act has 58 sex scenes in total, but only 15 unique sexual situations. Each sexy situation has one CG followed by multiple variations of the same artwork divided into different scenes.
    For example, first you pose in your underwear while people draw your body. Then you pose in the nude, then with a naked man by your side, then in a sexual position. Each piece of art is used multiple times.
    You can expect the standard missionary, blowjob, and doggy-style sex. Some men talk about wanting to impregnate you, but there is no impregnation action anywhere in this game.
    Most sex scenes are initiated under three circumstances. You are paid to have sex, raped, or put under a spell that makes your character horny. The setup of the scenes feel formulaic like the developers tried too hard to follow successful formulas perfected by their favorite developers.

    There are unique sexual situations too. In one scene, a man cums on your salad and feeds it to you. In another, an artist paints clothes on you, so your character can walk around naked. And in one other scene, your character is stuck in a wall, creampied by ten random guys.

    All these scenes should be hot, yet they’re missing something. Most times, there is only a single scene devoted to the new idea, and it never goes anywhere. Like when your character walks around with painted clothes on – there’s only 4 NPCs in town watching you. It’s an underwhelming experience. And what’s the point of getting creampied when the protagonist never gets pregnant? Where’s the taboo, where’s the risk?

    The one great scene in the game shows Hildegarde turned to stone on purpose. Her statue body is sent home to her father, who thinks it’s just a decoration. Even though she is turned to stone, Hildegarde can see and feel everything. His father jerks off onto the statue many times, revealing her incestous desires for her sexy daughter. After taking multiple cumshots in her stoneform, the girl gets so horny, she reverses the spell and rapes her own father! She quickly gets pregnant and the game ends, quest failed.


  8. Soldier’s Life has over 50 sex scenes in total, but most of them lack unique artwork. In scenes without CGs, you can still read erotic storytelling at the bottom of the screen. The porn is well written of course, but that doesn’t compensate for the lack of visuals. There are no animations throughout the game.

    On the plus side, the fully completed sex scenes are absolutely incredible. Vanora starts off cold-hearted and rude, but slowly, you are able to lower her self worth until eventually, she submits to your big fat cock.

    Eventually you’ll have her undressing and dancing for you. If you play your cards right, you can fuck her. Work to turn sex with her into a normalized routine, and push her to accept her place as your dick polisher.

    You can publicly humiliate her to break her willpower. Send her to the stocks! Take her with you to a bar! One day when she’s been fully corrupted and sexually trained, you can unlock all the sex scenes you missed!

    Soon you’ll find that fighting wars no longer interests you. You’re a rich, accomplished general. The only thing you care about in the world is keeping your sweet little sextoy pumped full of semen.



  9. This game is the hentai version of “2 Girls 1 Cup”. Almost every sex scene in the game includes scat. In fact, the circle that made this game has a reputation for producing the best scat games on the web.

    You run out on the timer for your bathroom needs, you shit on the street. You have sex with a man, you shit on his dick. You talk with some random character, next thing you know, they’re pissing on your face.

    At one point in the game, you place a stick of butter up your ass. You try to get the family dog to lick it. He licks your ass much that you shit on the dog’s face. If dogs aren’t up your alley, there’s also pigs.

    The most vanilla scene in the game has Naoko smear mustard and ketchup over her boobs during a tittyfuck.

    There was also a scene where I fought a policeman. He called his buddy and they both raped me in the middle of the street. After the fuck, Naoko shat herself. The cops all laughed and took photos. I thought the scene was pretty hot, until the “game over” screen rolled out. Damn! Those fucking cops must have spread those photos online and driven my waifu to suicide!


  10. Goblin Walker includes 34 sex scenes in total, the majority of which are pixel art animations that occur while kidnapping women. The scenes feature blowjobs, boobjobs, sitting sex, and standing sex. The dialogue is standard hentai talk, with the woman pleading you to slow down, proclaiming she’ll never give in to your cock.

    The girls blink and move as your goblin dips his green pecker into them. It’s a beautiful contrast: The smelly, ugly goblin pounding petite and polished girls of the highest status. My favorite was how the goblin raped the female knight of the royal guard. The sex was beyond degrading for her pride and her social status.

    The battle sequences are animated pixel art. You fight off guards and angry townsfolk, rape girls and kidnap them. Everything happens so fast, you don’t really have time to enjoy the action. After the commotion is done however, you can go back to your dungeon to rape her.


  11. [​IMG]

    Orc of Vengeance has 11 sex scenes in total, each featuring a unique girl. The sex scenes follow a strict formula. First she is upset and begs you not to rape her. You force your dick into her despite protests, talk down on her while fucking her, and cum inside her.

    The formula is so repetitive that you could blindfold yourself and still correctly predict lines in the dialogue. For example, the girl says in every scene “Oh no, wait, outside! Please cum outside!” I understand the developer wanted to appeal to forced impregnation fetishists, but couldn’t the writers add some variety to the content?

    If not for the unique CG, every single sex scene would be pretty much exactly the same. There’s scenes of standing sex with a scared female begging you to stop. Female soldiers are subjected to missionary sex. There are no exotic positions or fetishes, just cookie-cutter orc sex.

    On the plus side, the waifus are virgins. You even get to deflower and impregnate a hot nun! The women are practically speechless and drooling like retards after a good pounding, wearing a juicy ahegao face.

    At the end of the game, you can choose the ending. You can let the holy princess of the castle escape, or you can rape her. And because other orcs have arrived to help you, things escalate into a gangbang! She takes so much cock, her mind is completely broken. She submits to being a living cock sleeve till the end of time. MORE INFO HERE!

  12. [​IMG]

    The game offers the full emotional experience of seducing a girl. The build-up towards the intercourse is relatively lengthy, and you have ample time to get emotionally invested in the girl. Piece by piece, as things progress, you remove Raven’s cloak, slowly undressing her completely. When she is finally fully naked, it feels so much more rewarding because you spoke so long.

    After gaining her trust, Raven takes you to bed. The scene is visual novel style. The writing describes in juicy detail how you plow the girl towards an explosive orgasm. It’s not the most skilled writing, but gets the point across.

    The slides change to depict the progression of the scenario. It starts with a blowjob, proceeds to missionary, doggystyle, and finally anal. I enjoyed the missionary scene the most, because her big tits were on full display. You also get the choice whether to cum inside her, or spray your load on her body. For such a short indie hentai game, the sex scene is spectacular.

    It’s a satisfying experience getting the cold and distant Raven to warm up, undressed, and begging for dick between her lips, lubricating your man rod in preparation for the in-and-out action between her soft, fleshy folds. All resistance gone, full trust achieved, she submits fully to carnal pleasure as your own living, breathing, personal cock sleeve. Very romantic. MORE INFO HERE