Respect to: Mao Pam (Magical Girl Rising Project)


“¡Sonia Bean! ¡La pelea de hoy será legendaria! Siento tu poder, ¡y te enfrentaré con el mío! Una pelea entre Chicas Mágicas para ver…entre las dos… ¡quién es la más fuerte!”
Nombre: Mao Pam
Apodos: La Chica Mágica más fuerte del Mundo, La Mejor Arma, El As de Asuntos Externos.
Historia: La más poderosa Chica Mágica en la generación actual de la Tierra de la Magia. Una respetuosa mujer que valora el honor y la búsqueda de la fuerza lo que la llevo a fundar la Escuela Mao donde entrenaría a las más poderosas Chicas Mágicas vistas al rededor de todas las novelas. Un individuo de tal poder que el solo existir es una fuerza disuasoria que evita conflictos a gran escala.

Características Generales:
Las Chicas Mágicas posee una gran cantidad de habilidades que comparten por su condición. Durante el respect pondré feats detallados de los listados y aquellos que no aparecen:
On the cover of the college notebook was a large 1. When she opened it, she saw some small letters arranged neatly.

Physical Power Enhancement

Night Vision

Enhanced Senses

Does not need to excrete

Does not need to eat

Does not need to sleep

Unusual Endurance

Will transform into a beautiful girl

These are the characteristics of a Magical Girl.
Los humanos son incapaces de recordar a las Chicas Mágicas al quedar encandilados por su bella apariencia:
“Humans that have been rescued have some correction adjusted to their eyes, Pon. To them, your beautiful appearance can only be described as ‘A beauty that’s out of this world’, unsatisfied, Pon?”
La transformación a Chica Mágica altera todo rasgo de una persona desde edad hasta sexo haciéndolas prácticamente un individuo distinto:
The reason Snow White didn’t know La Pucelle’s identity was also simple. The bright and energetic soccer boy and the image of a noble knight had no direct connection with each other, and when transformed as a Magical Girl, his physique and appearance, age, physical abilities, although she knew that all those things of their body would change after a transformation, she didn’t think that it would change their sex.
Fav aclara que las Chicas Mágicas no son ya seres humanos y que de perder sus poderes por algún motivo es el equivalente a morir:
Magical Girls and humans are not the same. They are two entirely different creatures.

A Magical Girl is a human, but humans can become Magical Girls.

However, if a human becomes a Magical Girl, they’re no longer ordinary humans. For their magical strength is something that far surpasses human strength.

“Losing the right to being a Magical Girl is the same as losing the right to become a living being. If you forfeit your life as a Magical Girl, you’re forfeiting your life as a human, Pon!”
Venenos y drogas mundanas no hacen efecto en Chicas Mágicas:
How many times has she done this now? Calamity Mary filled her glass with more amber liquid, she drank it all again. While Magicaloid simply sighed on the outside, she was amazed on the inside.

Poison can never pass through Magical Girls, their physical bodies are always in top shape, so obviously, alcohol won’t make them drunk, yet Calamity Mary still drank them. Was it a habit from her human self, or just how she chose to portray her Magical Girl?
Durante una entrevista el autor de las novelas explica que la durabilidad de las Chicas Mágicas depende de su poder. No son indestructibles para un humano solo que su resistencia es ridículamente alta para que nuestras armas las dañen:
How durable is a Magical Girl?

Asari Endou: Durability depends on the Magical Girl. Just like people, there’s no set “only this can hurt a Magical Girl”. Extremely weak Magical Girls may be hurt by a mine explosion, stronger ones will just shrug it off. It depends on their biology, equipment, and individual strengths. You could try dipping them in lava or acid then asking when it hurts though. I doubt it’ll work in Genopsycho with her suit. Still, a Magical Girl isn’t invincible, and there will be a point where they can be hurt. It’s just that point is ridiculously high, but variable.
Misma mención, pero dentro de la historia:
When she became a Magical Girl, she had felt her physical strength and thought that she could never die, but it turns out she was wrong. Humans couldn’t kill her; accidents or illnesses couldn’t kill her. However, no matter how sturdy or how strong a Magical Girl can hit back, a Magical Girl can hurt other Magical Girls.
Muestra de como las armas humanas no pueden dañar a una chica mágica:
The henchmen fired their guns according to their leader’s signal. They destroyed the wooden boxes, piercing the concrete walls, broke the glass windows, the bullets flew across the 10 meter-square room in all directions, and one of them pierced the leader’s thigh, he screamed, blood leaking out of it.

“Stop firing! Stop! Stop!”

The leader held his thighs and rolled down as he gave his instructions, the men stopped firing as he instructed. In the sunny weather of the winter, even the outlines of these people became light like dew.

“I may not believe in God, but I believe in my own justice! I am Masked Wonder! As long as justice exists, no bullet shall harm me!”

Bullet shells rolled on the floor, her cape was flowing in the wind, and this girl was standing high, no scars on her body at all.

“D-Damn you! You’re some kind of monster, woman!”
La Tierra de la Magia reafirmando lo peligrosa que es una chica mágica comparada a las armamento humano moderno:
Rather, these bad apples might be more serious than humans. Against humans, Magical Girls are like large carnivorous beasts, against tanks and fighter planes, missiles, weapons of mass destruction, they have more destructive capabilities than even those. A Magical Girl criminal is far worse than a human criminal.
Las Chicas Mágicas poseen mayor capacidad de aprendizaje que los humanos:
“I’ll teach you these tricks to becoming stronger, so please keep them in mind. First of all, you need to increase your time as a Magical Girl. Minimize your time as a human. Whenever you’re alone, you should be a Magical Girl.”

Humans and Magical Girls have different capabilities. When you’re trying to learn something, you learn faster as a Magical Girl.
Las Chicas Mágicas pueden resistir sin problemas los cambios en la presión atmosférica:
The sky was blue and so close. She could see the sun shining immediately, the clouds were being swept away. A thousand meters in the sky, there’s nothing but the clouds, the sky, and the sun.

Leaning on the tail of a jumbo jet aircraft on her fantastic journey, it all started when she applied to become a Master. She wasn’t blown off by the wind pressure, she won’t freeze at low temperatures, she won’t be bothered by the roar of the jet engines.
Las capacidades físicas de una Chica Mágica desafían las leyes de la física:
Magical Girls were a type of Mage granted power by the Land of Magic, ordered to act for the sake of the world and its people, and maybe just a little bit for themselves. Their physical abilities go beyond the limits of humans, defying the laws of physics entirely. These abilities are called ‘Magic’.
Se reafirma otra vez el hecho de que no siguen las leyes físicas:
Why did her form change into a different person? How can she overcome the limits of human abilities? How can she transcend such laws as the conservation of mass and basic laws of physics?

When she asked those questions, the answer was simply, “That’s just how magic works”. The only basic rules she was taught was “Hide your identity and help out the public.”
La visión de una Chica Mágica es ampliamente superior a la humana:
The sun was strong, and shining brightly. There were weeds growing apart from each other. The wastes continued as far as her eyes can see. There were tall buildings surrounding the area. Only three of them were visible in her field of view. All of them look collapsed.

Wait, how could she see this far? Her eyesight was a lot better than her human self. That means Chika had transformed into Pechika without her knowing about it.
La visión de una Chica Mágica abarca fácilmente 3 kilómetros:
She ran up the walls of the building, headed for the roof. It was about 4 kilometers from the school building. It was also about 3 kilometers from the building to the mountains. With a Magical Girl’s eyesight, she could distinguish between humans at this distance.
Poseen visión nocturna:
It looked like a bonfire gathering, but Magical Girls have night vision, so they’re not worried of spotting beasts. Magical Girls also need no warmth, so they just sat in a circle.
Poseen una increíble resistencia al sueño:
Her physical abilities far surpass creatures that are more capable than humans. Her excellent durability made it great for working in sleepless days. At night, she could see, just as clear in the darkness as it is in daytime.
La resistencia mental de las Chicas Mágicas es superior a la humana:
“Mamori, everyone else isn’t as calm as you think they are. However, I am indeed calm.”

“I know you’re calm, My Lady…”

“Of course you do, if you’re calm, Mamori, then I’d be calm as well. It’s just like our test examiner when we became Magical Girls said… What was her name again? Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s like she said, when you become a Magical Girl, you’re not only strong physically, but mentally as well. Even fear will fade.”

“I don’t think mine’s fading that well…”
Esta resistencia se extiende a cosas como el estrés:
Magical Girls have stronger mental strength than their human forms. This is true for their hearts, or any other part of their body. 7753 remained as a Magical Girl inside her house.

This is because if she transformed into a human, she’d be mentally exhausted, unable to sleep from being one of the few survivors of the massacre.

If she became human again, she would shrink back into alcoholism to relieve the pain, and then her body would be destroyed.
La ropa de las Chicas Mágicas está hecha para aguantar sus habilidades físicas sin destruirse:
Magical Girl costumes were custom made. They were able to endure a Magical Girl’s actions. Whether they move at sound breaking speed, or whether they burrow deep into the ground, they’d never be torn. On the other hand, human clothes were not designed to be worn by Magical Girls. If the human wearing them only did human-capable things, that wouldn’t be a problem, but it could never handle a Magical Girl’s full power.
Las Chicas Mágicas carecen de necesidades fisiológicas:
While everyone else was talking about things she didn’t understand, Mei was trying to figure out the lengths of what she could do. Her movements were fast, her power was strong, she could fly in the sky. She placed her hand on her belly. No matter how much food she ate, she usually still felt hungry, but now she didn’t even feel hunger at all. She didn’t even feel like pooping. She didn’t feel anymore sexual desires either.
Las Chicas Mágicas no necesitan comer y suelen hacerlo solo por instinto:
7753 bought a cheesecake, and stuffed it into her bag. Tepsekemei eagerly chewed on that cheesecake and didn’t make another sound again.

Magical Girls don’t need to eat, but Tepsekemei was munching all of this food. Maybe it was her animal instincts kicking in.
Las Chicas Mágicas poseen una gran longevidad:
Pukin and Sonia Bean were especially infamous Magical Girls among Magical Girl criminals. These two used to cause havoc over 130 years ago in the United Kingdom.
Cuando una Chica Mágica posee gran fuerza su transformación no se deshace al perder la consciencia:
Hana was lying in a fetal position, as if she had lost consciousness. Yet it seems like her transformation hasn’t been undone, a testament to her higher strength.
Las Chicas Mágicas poseen un gran factor curativo:
The ability of a Magical Girl to repair their body was strong. Bone fractures could heal beautifully without setting them. If she were a human, she could die from injuries due to blood loss, but with food and rest, she could recover her body. A Magical Girl as strong as Pukin has an especially high healing ability, and the time required to self-heal was also very short, not only physical injuries, but she noticed and was grateful that costume damage was also healed.
Para reforzar la fuerza de su factor curativo se menciona que golpes al cráneo o la medula espinal no son muy efectivos:
When she saw this battle training for the first time, she panicked. The crescent sword being swung up and down hitting a girl’s cranium, having that panic being passed to her could make her faint.

While trying to avoid the boomerang, the hammer using girl couldn’t avoid the trident from behind her, directly hitting the center of her spinal cord, Byoing, she heard an unforgettable sound.
Las Chicas Mágicas pueden aumentar su poder cuando están completamente enfocadas en algo:
Then it sprang out from the bottom of her heart. A small wave turning into a huge tsunami, all of Marika Fukuroi’s remaining energy attempted to overflow. Power. This pure power was trying to change Marika. Sometimes, when a Magical Girl was completely focused on something, they can achieve rapid growth, that’s what Mao Pam had taught her. That was over 10 years ago. It was a miracle that Marika still remembered.
Las Chicas Mágicas tiene su propia versión del Zenkai Power aumentando su fuerza si sobreviven a una experiencia cercana a la muerte:
Soldiers who are willing to die are frightening. If those soldiers were Magical Girls, that’d be even more frightening. People who believed in attacking the enemy despite potentially sacrificing their most important thing, their lives. Magical Girls who think like that can grow their hearts. Magical Girls who could grow their hearts stronger could also grow their magical abilities stronger. They might be mad enough to die, but they won’t let it end with a simple death.
Las Chicas Mágicas poseen resistencia a los cambios de temperatura:
Magical Girls don’t mind heat or cold. Pythie didn’t like her coffee super-hot, but she won’t get a burn from it.
Transformarse en Chica Mágica desinhibe rasgos especificos de la personalidad original:
Mariko and Marika are not two different people. They’re the same person sharing two bodies.

The difference is that as a Magical Girl, some personality traits were… affected.

As Marika, she was a lot more instinctive, lustful for battle, and a lot more brash. This had some basis in Mariko’s personality, but it was easier for her to keep it down as Mariko.

In a way, it’s like being drunk. You lose your sense of inhibition, but unlike being drunk, Marika was completely aware of what she’s doing, and she won’t do anything to stop it.
La capacidad de combate de Mao Pam es tan alta que cegaron la capacidad de análisis de 7753. Como detalle, 7753 es la fuente más fiable de las novelas ya que sus gafas encantadas analizan de forma objetiva aquello que observa siendo incapaz de verse influenciada por fuerzas externas:
Just before Mao Pam flew above, 7753’s boss requested her to “Find out Mao Pam’s combat abilities” ... So 7753 fearfully asked Mao Pam, and because Pam politely obliged, 7753 confirmed Mao Pam’s combat ability using her goggles, and instantly, countless numbers of hearts filled her display, the intense light burning her eyes. “What’s wrong?” asked Mao Pam, 7753 could only reply, “That’s… amazing.”
Se menciona por parte de Toko, un hada de la Tierra de la Magia, que Mao Pam es la Chica Mágica más fuerte que existe:
Even Toko knew who Mao Pam was. Whenever the discussion came up on who the strongest Magical Girl was, the name Mao Pam would always be thrown around. Mao Pam’s Magical Skill was said to have an outrageous destructive potential, they probably at least didn’t even need to capture the culprit. Having her around was like if a tank was sent in response to a policeman’s request for backup.

...Damn it! I can feel her overhwelming sense of death from here.

Toko did consider the possibility that the Foreign Affairs Division might send a powerful Magical Girl. Foreign Affairs had interfered with her before, and has the manpower with the ability to destroy things. However, she didn’t expect them to send someone that could level an entire city and the people in it. The Examination Division always seemed so soft.
Frederica, una chica mágica clarividente, aclara que es la más fuerte de la "era moderna" no de toda la historia:
“She’s Mao Pam. She’s known as a the most powerful Magical Girl affiliated with the Foreign Affairs Division.”

“Oh, the most powerful? So they disregarded me?”

“Among Modern Magical Girls, she is the most powerful, not the most powerful in history.”
Los sentido de Mao Pam son lo bastante altos para escuchar un accidente de auto al otro lado de una ciudad:
“Is this…”

Mao Pam muttered as she stared off into the distance.

“...A car accident?”

What was she talking about? Postarie was confused as she didn’t understand. If she asked the question, she’d probably get slapped again, as Postarie began to hesitate, Mao Pam’s expression changed to one of surprise.

“Magical Girls are here!”
Pam puede predecir movimientos al observar los movimientos musculares:
She knew what Sonia was going to do. She wasn’t just running to get closer. She was about to try spear tackling Mao Pam’s body. Pam could see it from her muscle movements.
El hechizo especifico de Mao Pam es "Controlar 4 alas para luchar". Estas alas puede usarlas para volar además de controlar sus características y especificaciones varias:
Mao Pam used her Magical Skill to Freely manipulate her 4 wings. Mao Pam’s wings weren’t just for flying. Their size, color, shape, speed, hardness, everything about them she could Freely manipulate. She can even separate them from herself so they could act independently.
Aunque en realidad Mao Pam puede flotar por si misma aun sin alas:
The four black wings were floating behind the Magical Girl, and it wasn’t just the wings, the girl was floating as well.
Dichas alas componen sus ropas y tienen la capacidad de regenerarse.
The enemy’s attacks became more intense. With nothing left to intercept the air blades, they began to cut through Mao Pam’s worn out suit. While Mao Pam endured the attacks, her suit was also regenerating, somehow it was able to surpass it. Just surviving the onslaught was okay. The suit had two uses. To defend her from attacks, buying herself time, as well as to keep her warm. Mao Pam muttered inside of her suit.
Si un ala es destruida esta se regenera en ella nuevamente:
She tried to suppress her heart’s natural feelings, she split one of her wings and returned her number to their original amount. Just because her upper limit is 4 doesn’t mean she couldn’t return it to that limit if 1 was gone. Mao Pam could freely control her 4 wings no matter where she was.
Un ala tarda 5 segundos en regenerarse:
Mao Pam increased her distance with a backstep, instructing her spear and walls to revive. It’d take them approximately 5 seconds to fully revive, and until then, she had to endure.
Comparte sus sentidos con sus alas:
She shared her vision with her walls and spears. Being able to block her enemy’s line of sight as well as one-sidedly observing the situation will become an advantage for her to stay alive.
Transformando una de sus alas en un puño:
She avoided the blow from the enemy who flew up from below like the wind, and countered with her own counterattack. She turned one of her wings into the shape of a gigantic fist and used it to punch her enemy.
Transformando una de sus alas en un escudo:
The enemy was flying off as something. Pam turned one of her wings into a shield, and placed it at an angle. The thing flying at her seemed to be a ball of pressurized air. Its power was fair. Even if it would hit her directly, it wouldn’t take her life. Perhaps her enemy was also going easy on her, she thought as she tilted her neck.

The ball of air’s quality, quantity, and numbers increased as it flew away. While Mao Pam fought back by increasing the thickness, strength, and size of her shield, she swirled around her enemy. Her enemy also moved, zig-zagging as she flew, stretching her body and detaching her arms, her abnormal movements closely following Mao Pam.
Pam puede separar sus alas para volverlas seres independientes las cuales tiene la fuerza suficiente para vencer a un equipo de Chicas Mágicas:
While Mao Pam was fighting with her enemy, she detached two of her wings. One of them went towards the apartment below. Its job was providing cover for her allies, she ordered it to rush and attack her enemies. Even though it was just 1 wing out of her 4, its battle capabilities were still high. Although if it was autonomous, both its speed and precision decreased compared to if Pam directly controlled it herself, still, even if ordinary Magical Girls would team up against it, it would be able to crush them. It should be able to cover Ripple and Hana.
Otra confirmación de son más fuertes que la Chica Mágica promedio:
While she hasn’t exactly experimented with this, she understood the power of her cannonball. If someone took a direct hit from it, then even if they were a Magical Girl, they’d be turned into ground beef. The endurance of the enemy in front of her eyes was beyond a Magical Girl, able to dish out some serious damage.
Dichos alas pueden esquivar proyectiles lanzados por otras Chicas Mágicas:
After a while, the sphere began to move. It moved upwards. Was it headed towards the rooftop? Since Grace was ignored, she felt a bit annoyed.

“Hey waittaminute! We’re not through just yet!”

She picked up the concrete fragments by her feet, throwing it at the spherical object. The spherical object which looked like it was a balloon floating in the wind avoided the thrown concrete. Contrary to its slow-looking appearance, its movements were light and fast.
Sus alas pueden tomar forma humanoide:
The huge eyelid closed, the traces that the eye was there disappeared completely. The black sphere stopped the movements of its wings and went into freefall. As it descended, the wings became smaller, its shape changed, as it stood up, it took on a humanoid form. Did it morph? It looks like volume had increased. Its characteristics and body looked flat with no features.
Sus alas poseen más fuerza física que otras Chicas Mágicas que destacan en esta:
Captain Grace pulled out her sword. The black humanoid ran.

She swung her sword, pulling out its guard and slicing its torso. No, wait. She didn’t cut off its torso, a large mouth was being opened there, its teeth biting onto Grace’s sword. She could neither push nor pull it. Its biting force was higher than Captain Grace’s physical strength.
Las alas pueden alterar la forma de su cuerpo para atacar con una velocidad suficiente para superar las reacciones de otras Chicas Mágicas:
She threw off her sword and tried to retreat, and from there, the enemy’s attack flew. A low kick that tried to hit her shin, the enemy’s leg quietly bent and entangled itself on Grace’s shin, in a hurry, she quickly shook it off. All of its attacks showed some transformations. The fists that it used to beat people up changed into a whip that snapped on her back, the front kick that Grace tried to block with her shoulder transformed into a knife, cutting her and causing her to bleed. On the contrary, its arms and legs were like an octopus or a squid’s tentacles, from the black body, it continuously spawned one after the other and attacked Grace.

Grace had no choice but to concentrate on dodging, eventually, her evasion turned to retreat. Grace ran on the road while barely handling the attacks coming to her.
Las alas pueden sobrevivir a cañonazos encantados y regenerarse de dicho daño:
Since it was a Magical Cannon, its recoil was large, but her eardrums weren’t torn, there weren’t even any fractures or bruises. Though her right hand was somewhat numb, if she could finish it here, it’d still be fine.

More and more smoke began to rise, and while the smell of black gunpowder began to fill up the area, something appeared, cutting through it. The black humanoid, which had lost its upper body, was approaching her with a certain gait in its movements. Even though half of its body had been blown away, it was still moving. The pieces that were blown away were squirming around and moving. Turning back to its original form.
El ala drone solo pudo ser destruida invocando un barco mágico directamente dentro suyo para que el peso le destruya:
Grace made her Magical Ship appear at the enemy that was stumbling its way towards her. An overwhelming mass suddenly appeared, filling in the space where her enemy was before. The impact was no different than the sound of an explosion, Grace held down her hat that nearly flew away.

What will happen if she summoned her ship on something else? Would it be buried underneath the ship? Or would it be blown away? She didn’t know if it’ll be crushed or not. But now she did. When she summoned her ship to something that was already there, if they’re a human being, then they’d be crushed by the weight of the ship.

She cancelled her Magical Ship, the black humanoid was no longer there.
Las alas al ser una especie de drones no actuan si no reconocen las acciones de su enemigo como "ataques":
Grace began to think. This thing only considered someone their enemy if they attacked it, right? Right now, this thing thought of Captain Grace as its enemy, but Funny Trick still wasn’t counted as an enemy. So Funny Trick was still able to move around as freely as she wants. Grace single-handedly took on the enemy’s attacks, and tried to get the job done as soon as possible.
Slowly and slowly, Postarie approached the black thing. Postarie’s current state was that of patheticness, she was clearly shedding tears. It seems unlikely that she’d attack. Rain Pou instructed her to touch it, Postarie kept her trembling hands close to the black thing, and she touched it.

At once, white bird wings grew from the black thing, ignoring the bat wings that were resisting it, it flew off like a rocket. As expected, that thing seemed to be owned by someone.
Puede usar sus alas para almacenar oxigeno dentro de ellas:
Without special equipment or magic, Magical Girls need to breathe. No matter how strong a Magical Girl was, they couldn’t act without oxygen. Mao Pam continued burning away the oxygen inside the hole, interfering with Sonia’s breathing. A Magical Girl’s superior endurance doesn’t guarantee infinite actions. Mao Pam also assumed this, and stored oxygen inside her suit.
Pam es capaz de crear una Chica Mágica completa con personalidad propia con sus alas:
However, just before the device had been cracked open, another person had moved.

Pammy had slipped in and caught the device, at the same time, her form had changed, discoloring and becoming black and clothlike, before wrapping around in a spherical shape to the Magical Girl who had thrown the device. There was a strange sound from inside the sphere as it shook violently with a muffled boom! From the inside.

“...Something happen, Pon?”

“Just an accident, do not worry. Please, announce the totals again.”

She had been watching her surroundings with her black wings, and hadn’t noticed anything unusual. It seems there was only one person being sent. The Magical Girl inside of this sphere hadn’t disappeared either. Mao Pam’s intuition is correct. So long as there was no gaps, then she wouldn’t be able to escape.

When Mao Pam was asked to watch the fights for the recording, that was easy. But when she was also asked to provide commentary on the bewildering battles that were ever-changing, all of the Magical Girls that could’ve provided commentary all wanted to participate in the Games, so no one could actually commentate with her. Mao Pam didn’t want to stop people from fighting, so she had to do all the commentating by herself. She had made one of her wings into the shape of a Magical Girl, and made a livelier person to commentate in her stead, thus doing a one-man commentary. In this way, Mao Pam could both record and watch the battles, while also providing commentary.

How silly, she had derided herself, but it apparently had proved useful.
Convirtiendo un ala en un ojo con visión telescópica con el propósito de dar cobertura:
The other wing transformed into a gigantic eyeball, which looked around its surroundings. Its eyesight was similar to a telescope, being able to observe the ground in complete detail. If something other than her allies attacked, it would immediately be able to move in, but she ordered it to prioritize defending her main unit. She thought at first to keep it beside the wagon, but a wing that acted independently didn’t have a very high intelligence. She didn’t know how the situation would change, so she wanted to keep it as close to her as possible until the very last moment.
Puede crear señuelos con sus alas:
Even with a dying opponent in front of her, Mao Pam won’t be discouraged. She used the wings that she used as a membrane to become a figure of Mao Pam, and Sonia took the bait. The oxygen deficient and stunned Sonia caught the figure.
Puede crear un liquido flamable que genera temperatura suficiente para incinerar a una Chica Mágica:
Mao Pam moved away from the wall, returning the suit back. She concentrated all the flammable liquid in the hole towards the fallen Sonia, and while ensuring that this would be her final attacks, the arm part of her suit turned into a shield, blocking the torrent of musical notes from the outside of the hole.
Usando una de sus alas como cuchilla y la otra como propulsor:
While 2 of Mao Pam’s wings went their separate ways, she was still continuing her attack on her enemy. Her remaining wings she used like a blade to cut and like a propellor to twirl, furthermore, she tried to increase the thickness of her wings, but every time her enemy seems to have collapsed, she would quickly regenerate back to her original state.
Volviendo una de sus alas una esfera de 10 metros de diametro mientras una segunda emite un destello cegador:
She made a wing large, a sphere with a diameter of 10 meters, and used it to hit her enemy.

Another wing she used to emit light, dazzling the eyes of her enemy.
Usando una de sus alas para crear una prisión de 50 metros cuadrados:
She spread out one of her wings, completely covering her entire body. If you were to look at her, she’d look like a completely black silhouette of a person. Her remaining wing spread out overhead, covering approximately 50 meters squared in diameter. Not allowing her to have any attacking capabilities.
Cocytus: Expande una de sus alas para disminuir la densidad del aire para reducir la temperatura del área a grados bajo cero. El frio de la tecnica es suficiente para congelar a una Chica Mágica, si bien no se especifican los grados deben de ser bajos considerando que una Chica Mágica puede sobrevivir con facilidad en las partes altas de la atmosfera.

The enemy’s attacks became dull. Her expressionless face had changed. It still wasn’t the face of pain, but it was the expression of someone realizing something strange was happening. The speed she flew in the air began to drop, the air blades’ sharpness were reduced, when Mao Pam’s suit was completely covered in frost, her enemy suddenly stopped attacking.

...She finally noticed, didn’t she? But she’s slow.

Her enemy used the air, so if she made the air into an unusable state, then she would win. Mao Pam had reduced the density of the wing expanding around the area, by lowering the surface temperature, she gradually decreased the surrounding temperature near sub-zero. Given the temperature, gas can’t stay gaseous.

If the act of adding energy is meaningless, she had to think of an act that took away energy. Attempting to freeze her at low temperatures had no effect at all as it scattered with Sonia’s touch.
Sabbath: Transforma parte de sus alas en ropas. Al estar hecha de sus alas tienen la resistencias de estas.
“No choice then…… Sabbath”

Mao Pam changed two of her wings into coats. They were brown in color, and she changed their texture to fabric, she also added in some buttons and a hood.

“Wear these. Cover your heads with the hoods.”
Hadraniel: Transforma sus alas en un muro para empujar al oponente.

One piece of her wing wrapped like a wall between herself and her opponent, expanding far from the center.
Longinus: Transforma sus alas en lanzas para atacar a su oponente.
At the same time,


Two wings became spears and attacked Sonia Bean from left and right.
Gehenna: Altera las propiedades de sus alas para envolverlas en fuego.

Her flaming wings started covering Sonia’s entire body, but they disintegrated as soon as their edges were touched. Sonia didn’t have a single burn in her body.
Logos: Un ataque sónico omnidireccional.

Her flaming wings became a directionally destructive sound wave, hitting Sonia, but it soon disappeared without any effect.
Lucifer: Sus alas convergen en luz para dispara un poderoso laser de alta temperatura.

Her wings converged into light, emitting a high burning fever, and shot at Sonia. However, the beam faded into black as it touched Sonia, and watching that scene, even Pam, who’s name Mao meant Demon King, felt like she was looking into hell. She didn’t see Sonia’s eyes confused for a bit, she was running happily.
Minos: Usa sus alas para disparar una poderosa rafaga de viento.

Not even wind was able to blow her away. Sonia held open the palm of her hands against the gust of wind, as the wind passed over Sonia, turning into black ash.
Echidna: Transforma sus alas en veneno.

Poison wouldn’t work either, as she thought, there was no effect.
Mastema: Transforma sus alas en un taladro para atacar.

Three wings moved onto the road with a screwdriver shape. They weren’t aiming for Sonia. They were aiming for the ground beneath her feet. The screwdriver spinning with furious momentum cracked at the road, rolling up dust.

Her target of destruction wasn’t just the roads. She was also destroying the concrete underneath the pavement. Not just destroying it, she was digging it up. Dust and concrete fragments danced.
Equipo y Armas:
Toda Chica Mágica posee un Teléfono Mágico que sirve como aparato de transformación y smartphone. Sin embargo, los teléfonos de las Chicas Mágicas solo pueden ser usados por sus dueñas:
Other than that, she also taught her about her Magical Phone, a device that only Magical Girls can operate. Despite the over-exaggeration that these Magical Phones could only be used by Magical Girls, when Top Speed taught her how to operate it, it was no different than a normal smartphone.
El agujero que creo con Mastema era de 30 metros de diámetro.
Mao Pam stood at the bottom of the hole. She recognized the figure of a joyful person inside the smoke.

Sonia ran. In this 30-meter diameter limited space, there was nowhere to run. This was favorable terrain for the attacker.
Puede luchar con facilidad con 3 Chicas Mágicas a la vez e incluso mandarla a volar 10 metros de un puñetazo:
Mao Pam spread her wings wide, one blocking the sword being thrusted, and the other blocking the kick of the fortune teller. Unlike what she expected, her enemies’ reactions were delayed. The fortune teller hesitated, the swordsman did not. She should prioritize the swordsman.

Flapping her wings, she hit the fortune teller’s flank. Despite the fortune teller guarding firmly, she couldn’t stop the force of the wing. She flew 10 meters in a horizontal direction, hitting the wall of the hole.
Mao Pam derrotando sin esfuerzo a una de sus estudiantes que la embosco azotandola contra el piso:
Mao Pam was jogging in the park. She seemed to enjoy the morning walk. The camera was recorded in secret. Probably a Magical Girl already in the park, part of the group.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a Magical Girl came down to strike Pam, heading in with a kick launched towards her.

Pam caught her legs, and immediately slammed her down to a park bench, destroying it.

The Magical Girl must have wanted to score a hit on Pam, but it didn’t seem to work. Pam then began ruthlessly beating up on the poor girl, who was trying her hardest to escape.

Pam held her down with one arm, and punched her in the face repeatedly with the other arm.

“AUGH, Gak! Agh… Stop! STOP! I give up! Oof! GAH… Please…”

“You chose the place, you chose the time, now you must submit to your fate,” said Pam smiling warmly at her.

Mao Pam punched her and punched her, until the Magical Girl fell unconscious.

The rest of the park goers stared at Pam. A Mage who was sitting on the bench was now standing in disbelief.

He was a bearded old man, kind of looked like a classic wizard. Pam bowed down to him,

“Sorry for the trouble, I’ll be sure to pay for the bench and any damages me and my student has caused,” she said politely.

She slung the unconscious Magical Girl on her back and went on her way.

Mao Pam’s senses were sharp. It’s hard to sneak up on her. You’d need to attack her with something that couldn’t be heard and couldn’t be seen. Clamberry could control sound, but she needed to be smart if she didn’t want to end up like this girl.
Pam podía contener fácilmente a Clamberry sin mucho esfuerzo:
‘Up-and-Comer challenges Mao Pam in graduation match’.

He played the video.

Mao Pam and Clamberry were starting at a distance of five meters apart. Both Magical Girls bowed.

Clamberry wasted no time, rushing in to Mao Pam.

Pam blocked her first kick with her wings, her punch as well. Clamberry tried to blow through Pam’s wings with her soundwaves, but it won’t budge.

Instead, the wings managed to slam Clamberry away from Pam.

Clamberry relied on speed and skill, trying her best to fight one-on-one with Pam, but Pam was too fast, dodging every attack completely, blocking every soundwave that Clamberry made.

Pam flew away, Clamberry used her sound to amplify Pam’s location.

But it didn’t matter. Pam was too fast.

Suddenly, Pam reappeared behind Clamberry, and launched a kick to her back that sent her flying towards a tree.

Clamberry slammed through the tree, and tumbled through the grass, leaving a trail of blood where she landed.
Pam le dio una paliza de tal nivel a Clamberry que quedo irreconocible y necesito 3 días para recuperarse a pesar del alto factor curativo de una Chica Mágica:
Mao Pam transforma sus alas en tentáculos para retener a Cramberry y golpearla continuamente hasta que apenas quedo reconocible.

In response, Pam’s wings turned to tentacles, each holding Clamberry’s limbs. The tentacles moved in to crush Clamberry’s limbs, as Clamberry screamed in pain.

Pam went in, pummeling Clamberry in the torso. Each punch making Clamberry cough up blood.

Each punch to the torso was heard with a crack, each punch was made to be the last, it took all of Clamberry’s strength as her eyes bulged and she gritted her teeth to withstand the pain.

Pam then punched Clamberry in the face multiple times, and Clamberry became even more and more bruised.

The punches made Clamberry lose her focus, her eyes weren’t able to focus on one thing anymore, it’s clear that Clamberry was fighting to stay conscious.

Finally, she released the tentacles, grabbed Clamberry by the neck, and slammed Clamberry against a tree.

Clamberry was hurt badly. Her body was weakened, damaged heavily by Pam’s relentless punishment.

Each blow was like hard concrete. Clamberry’s body was as broken as a stick being pummeled by a hammer.
“They were fun… It was very fun, actually,” said Clamberry, seemingly sad that she had to go.

She had recovered in this place for three days, since that’s how badly she was beaten up when trying to challenge Mao Pam.

“I hope you give me some fun too, Fav,” said Clamberry.

“But of course, Pon! After all, that’s my goal as well, Pon!”
Pam aclara que de haber sido un combate real y no su combate de graduación Clamberry habria muerto desde el inicio:
“Congratulations, Clamberry,” said Pam with a big smile.

“Huff… Cough… Ngh… Thank you… Huff…” said Clamberry, eyes swollen, hardly able to stand herself.

“You used your Magic well and creatively, the sign of a true adaptable warrior. I hereby graduate you from my school,”

Clamberry smiled and nodded, then she coughed and puked some blood, as her breathing became course.

“Haha, don’t go out on me yet, my Forest Musician. I’m proud of you. You’re a newcomer, but you’ve come so far. I’ve always known that you had potential,” said Pam.

“Th… Thank you… Ngh…”

“Don’t force yourself. This should be a joyous occasion. If you ever want a proper rematch, however. I’ll be happy to oblige, though of course, in a real fight, you would’ve been dead already, so I hope you understand that there needs to be some strategy rather than just to hit me once,” said Pam.

Clamberry laughed, but each laugh made her hurt even more.
Al ser la Chica Mágica más fuerte recibe PS de todos los PJs vistos a la fecha. Eso incluye hazañas variadas como:

Marika, la Chica Mágica con mayor fuerza física de la Escuela Mao, que estando en el kinder destrozo un tanque mágico:
Clamberry may outmatch Marika in physical abilities, but in strength? Nobody in the entirety of Mao School was a match for Marika Fukuroi in strength. Reach is related to physical abilities, but strength had no relation to it. No Magical Girl can compare to Marika, who sumo wrestled a magical tank when she was in kindergarten.
La Chica Mágica Lobo que podia evaporar concreto con sus ataques:
“Such reflexes to dodge my blow.”

The Samurai Magical Girl turned around to the Wolf Magical Girl and launched more concrete towards her, but the Wolf Magical Girl fired rays to intercept them, turning the concrete to smoke. She scoffed, while the Samurai Magical Girl aimed her naginata at her.
La Pucelle embistiendo contra una torre de acero con tal fuerza que fue capaz de derrumbarla:
There was a sense of euphoria that he felt when he used his powers for the first time, but now he knew the limits of that power.

He really was reborn as a warrior. He braced himself. There weren’t many options for saving Snow White, in fact, there were only a few seconds left before he would reach the tower.

La Pucelle began observing his situation. One conclusion was made.

At full power, he took full advantage of his body, his force, his weight, his power, everything was forced into this dash, and with that power…

...He shoulder charged the steel tower’s legs.

Even though from the bottom, it looked like the steel tower was shaking violently. From the top, it wasn’t as easy as that.

Electric wires were flying all around, violently shaking more than the ground could feel. Even though Ruler was trying to maintain her pose, and Snow White was forcefully staying still, they both couldn’t take it, and were thrown off the tower.
Clamberry destruyendo los muros creados por la magia de Winterprison sin problema alguno:
Winterprison’s Magical Skill is The ability to create walls. The material of those walls varies from place to place. In this quarry, the materials will be made of stone.

A 2 meters tall, 1-meter-wide, and 30 cm thick stone wall arose from the ground, filling the space between Winterprison and Clamberry.

However, Clamberry’s attacks easily passed through the wall. It collapsed suddenly. Winterprison rolled on the ground, dodging her attack.
Dichos muros que, aunque sean de roca, son tan duros como el hierro:
The walls couldn’t fulfill their roles as barriers.

It wasn’t brittle. The walls made by Winterprison were reinforced with magic. Even if it’s made of stone, it should be stronger than iron. However, against Clamberry’s extraordinary strength, they were like cardboard.
Recibe PS de Masked Wonder pateando a Cherna Mouse quien creció hasta los 30 metros:
She was large, also, compared to Shadow Gale, Masked Wonder, and Pfle, both her length and width were far bigger.

The vibrations from the ground got bigger and bigger. Shadow Gale shook with every vibration.

The creature shook the ground just by running. She stopped about 100 meters away. Even at that far of a range, she was in view.

Her height-

-No, her everything, was probably around 30 meters or more.

Masked Wonder shouted out, and jumped, and jumped, and jumped...

...Shadow Gale kept her eyes open with surprise. She hasn’t landed ever since she jumped off the ground.

Although it seemed like she lightly kicked the ground, her jump distance and speed seemed to ignore physics entirely. With a furious momentum, her distance quickly closed the gap of 100 meters.

She kicked her, but rather than kicking, it looked like a light tap. Yet, the Giant Magical Girl was blown away. She flew almost 30 meters behind and landed.

If a body as huge as that were thrown 30 meters back and landed, a larger shockwave should have been generated. Yet, she landed softly, almost without a sound. Even the girl that landed had a face of confusion and tilted her neck.
Recibe PS de Clantail que provoco un terremoto con sus golpes:
Clantail swung her spear down, at the same time, the giraffe transformed into a tiger, adding to her attack power. One blow of her spear cut the ground deeply, causing an earthquake. It was supposed to just be a +7 Weapon, but if Clantail swung it, Shadow Gale was sure her +12 Shield couldn’t block it. Their fighting difference was a wall, standing solemnly.
Recibe PS de Shufflin As de Picas que podía luchar con 6 Chicas Mágicas veteranas a la vez, entre ellas Marika, Mimy y Snow White que son inferiores a Pam. Destacable ya que Marika es la miembro con mayor fuerza física de la Escuela Mao:
So they just had to get rid of the main body, but that also meant that it was meaningless to defeat hordes of them if they weren’t the main one. Even the Ace of Spades was unnaturally strong by herself. Snow White, Marika Fukuroi, Styler Mimy, Filuru, Inferno, Deluge was finally able to beat her by going 6 vs 1. Her back was slashed, her neck had been sliced with scissors, yet she was still attacking.

Even after her head was decapitated she was still spasming and moving.
She had to buy time, taking advantage of her camouflage until her flower bloomed. The Ace of Spades outclassed the best of the best in the Mao’s School in physical abilities, but only in physical abilities. Marika knew this, because she was one of the best of the best in Mao’s School when it came to physical abilities. However, you needed to use your powers to win as well.
Recibe PS de Patricia cuya fuerza es comparable al Gran Dragón del segundo arco. Dicho dragón requiere de 7 Chicas Mágicas con equipo especial para enfrentarlo:
Shadow Gale wasn’t good at fighting, but even then, Shadow Gale saw Patricia’s strength. When she remembered who this reminded her of, it was the Great Dragon that she had seen in the game.

She was carrying Shadow Gale on her back, yet still overwhelming her opponent. The Armor Magical Girl wasn’t a weak opponent. She was actually able to stand despite enduring these attacks.
Pam con Hadraniel es capaz de resistir una explosión nuclear en el punto cero.
The Longinus spears had a sharpness that would make it easy to pierce thick bedrock, and Hadraniel could resist a nuclear explosion blown at ground zero.
En todos los años que lleva enseñando en la Escuela Mao no ha habido Chica Mágica capaz de dañarla:
There were two ways to graduate from Mao’s School.

The first is to get noticed enough by Mao Pam that she personally graduates you. This takes a lot of time and effort.

The second is to be able to land one hit on Mao Pam. The hit must be a damaging hit, and not something that was blocked by her.

Of the 10 graduates of Mao’s School, most have passed through the former method, as none have actually managed to land a damaging hit on Pam yet.

The insurmountable wall that is Mao Pam can be hard to fight for some, coupled with the fact that she is heavily restraining herself, so that she won’t kill her students.
Pam podía resistir sin problema los ataques sónicos de Clamberry:
Blood had shown on Clamberry’s face. She wiped it with her arm, and Clamberry smiled,

“Hahaha! Good fight. You’re still going to continue?” asked Pam.

“Of course…” replied Clamberry.

She launched a large soundwave with both palms, but Pam blocked it with a wall made of her wings.

When she opened her wings, Clamberry was gone.

A distraction.

Pam used her instincts, moving away from her spot. Sure enough, Clamberry had instantly landed and created a small crater-shaped hole where Pam was.
Clamberry aun usando su magia para atacar a Mao Pam desde dentro de su cuerpo solo logro levantarle un hueso de la mano derecha que ella reacomodo sin problema.
Clamberry smiled.


A shockwave.

Pam was blown back. Clamberry had made contact with Pam’s hand, which means she made contact with Pam’s body.

Sound travels not just through air, but also through surface vibrations too. When travelling through the body, its effects are arguably far worse.

Clamberry didn’t need her attack to hit, she just needed to make contact with Pam.

Pam was blown away, but she flipped backwards and landed pretty safely… However…

When Pam tried to move her hand, she groaned in pain. A bone was jutting out of her right arm.

She widened her eyes, and then she looked at Clamberry, and she smiled.

Clamberry was on her knees, body in pain, completely torn apart, unable to stand anymore. She fell to the ground, each breath feeling more painful than the last.

Pam chuckled to herself. She carefully supported her arm on a tree, and forcefully set the bone inside herself, a loud crack and small groaning of pain from Pam, but nothing too big.
Al ser más fuerte que Marika recibe PS de ella resistiendo el Fortissimo de Clamberry cuya potencia es igual al impacto de un meteoro:
Clamberry’s beautiful face—which had taken significant damage from Marika’s attacks—was now warped.

She wasn’t scared, nor was she in pain, but rather, she had an expression of joy.


The camera feed cut off


“Ohh, she probably did an attack so powerful it cut off the feed. Oh well, and here I thought they’d have autopilot on.”

“I would assume it would be difficult to track a Magical Girl’s movements and dodge their attacks at the same time, no?”

“Aw, but we were getting to a good part! Maybe we can switch to a birds-eye view camera, aaand… Oh wow! That is a huge crater, like a meteor just crashed into it!”

“It seems the two of them have disappeared, though.”

“Oh, that’s a shame. The trees are also in the way… We’re sorry for the technical difficulties, we’ll be switching cameras, now.”
Recibe PS del escudo de Clantail que podía resistir y desviar los arpones de Melville los cuales hacen explotar edificios al impactar:
Melville placed a harpoon on her bow. She pulled, and aimed at Clantail. Clantail looked stunned, there was nowhere to escape. The harpoon that was fired deflected off of Clantail’s shield, hitting a building directly 100 meters away from the enemy, blowing up its upper half. Clantail was almost unable to withstand the shock, being blown backwards, only managing to stop by changing her lower half into a crocodile.
Pam volando tan alto en el cielo que 7753 aun con la visión mejorada por Hana (otra Chica Mágica) le costaba verla. Considerando que una Chica Mágica tiene un rango de visión de varios kilómetros:
Now, even with Hana enhancing her vision, Mao Pam was flying at an altitude where it was difficult to see. Perhaps because of Mana, or because it was easier to look down from the sky. She didn’t know which. It may have been either.
Volando por encima de las nubes en su persecución contra Mei:
She chased her enemy, cutting through the thick clouds, and when she was above them, she remembered. She couldn’t see it, but she could feel that there was something that would harm her. Then she remembered the existence of the barrier, suddenly she stopped. In a hurry, she looked around, but she couldn’t see the Arabian Dancer anywhere. She probably touched the barrier and dropped to the ground. She kept searching on the spot for a while, in the end, she couldn’t find her at all. Mao Pam remembered her job, and returned to the lower world.
Recibe PS de Mimy y Hana que pueden luchar a una velocidad tan alta que las cámaras mágicas usadas por la Escuela Mao apenas pueden seguir sus movimientos:
Mimi dashed off. She could close the distance of ten meters with a single step. She had between three fingers, a large pair of scissors, which had slashed through where Hana was standing, but Hana was already gone.

“They’re fast! The cameras are equipped with Magical Sensors to keep track of their movements and even they’re struggling to keep up.”

“Not just fast. They are used to bladed battles.”

Hana launched a kick from behind, and Mimi spun around, blocking it with her big gigantic haircutting scissors. But Hana managed to pull her leg back faster and switch directions, kicking up the dirt to create a smokescreen.

Mimi tried to break through by circling around the right, but by the time she had arrived, Hana had already left again.

“They are not just simply fast, but they are tactical as well.”

“Of course! When you’re fighting a foe with a weapon, you wanna keep yourself at a decent range. This ain’t no brawl, they’re moving to quickly neutralize and secure victory. I’ve seen those types in the Mao School too, even if it’s a gathering of fighters.”
Recibe PS de Ripple que puede desviar todas y cada una de las balas de una ametralladora encantada a quemarropa:
She pulled out a weapon hidden on her sleeves. It was a ninja blade, half the size of her usual weapons. But, if she wanted to block, this was more useful than a large blade. She used two of her swords to deflect the bullets one after the other. As she kept going, the rifle had ran out of ammunition before it could fatally wound Ripple. Calamity Mary pulled the trigger, but all it did was make clicking noises as no bullets came out.
Recibe PS de Pechika corriendo dos kilómetros en un parpadeo:
That certainly wasn’t Pechika. She looked around, and her Magical Girl vision saw a figure behind the cloud of dust. The body size was a little smaller than an adult male… It was a female. She had a Katana lowered on her right hand. Was she trying to help out? Pechika could only see abandoned buildings and weeds around her. There was no one else around, and they were separated by around 2 kilometers, so maybe she was trying to help.

If she did try to help, then she must have good intentions. Surely, she must. Suddenly, Pechika’s ran through the area with blinding speed. She almost couldn’t comprehend it. In the blink of an eye, she ran 2 kilometers, bowing her head down.

“T-Thank you! Thank you very much!!!”
Recibe PS de otras Chicas Mágicas que destrozan marmol con solo su velocidad:
The three girls ran so furiously across the Magical Castle’s marble-clad floor, that by the time their raging footsteps made a sound, it immediately disappeared.
Recibe PS de Clantail corriendo tan rapido que hacia temblar una plaza:
With the fountain in between them, the shouting that happened over 15 meters away was stopped. Clantail raised her hooves, and stomped them to the ground. The momentum was so severe that the entire Square could feel it.
Recibe PS de Magicaloid, la única Chica Mágica capaz de seguir la velocidad de Top Speed en su escoba. Dicha escoba es tan rapida que puede recorrer 10 km en un parpadeo y que es más rapida que la explosión de una mina terrestre encantada:
Top Speed and Ripple. The one pair Mary hoped Magicaloid didn’t go for. Mary wanted to kill Ripple herself. She could have Top Speed, though. Her jet boosters could probably keep up with that witch’s broomstick. Although, Ripple wouldn’t trust her.
Just before the grenades exploded, Top Speed and her speedy broom managed to tackle Ripple from the side. Although Ripple’s legs set off the mine, Rapid Swallow’s speed was enough to leave even its explosion in the dust, as a result, Ripple managed to escape, but the tips of her hair were still scorched.

In the moment before the grenades had gone off, Top Speed had swooped in from the side at high speeds to drag Ripple away. Even though the landmine had gone off as well, Rapid Swallow’s flight speed exceeded that of the explosion’s shockwave, and in the end, Ripple’s injuries had been limited to singed hairtips.
Facing Calamity Mary, Rapid Swallow pushed ahead.

Piercing through the walls and floor, the shockwave picking up the flames, smoke, carpet, bed, debris, all rolled up together from the floor. 10 kilometers away from the hotel, they turned. The shockwave followed behind them, the mountain of rubble collected by it falling down. The top floor of the hotel had an I-shaped scar carved into it.
Como detalle dicha escoba, Rapid Swallow, viaja regularmente a velocidad supersónica y yendo a máxima velocidad puede dañar a Chicas Mágicas:
The broomstick that Top Speed controlled, Rapid Swallow, was faster than the speed of sound. If you fell from Rapid Swallow’s maximum speed, then you’d suffer major injuries even if you were a Magical Girl.
Recibe PS de Snow White corriendo más rapido que la explosión de una granada encantada:
Stuntchika moved. She took out grenades from her sleeves, then pulled the pins. Grim Heart panickedly turned around, Snow White kept running without looking back.

A flash, an explosion, and impact. The crescent sword was being held by Snow White. That was the only thing Inferno could understand. The explosion was getting closer and closer. Inferno could feel the wounds on her back heating up.
Recibe PS de Kana quien si no se fijara a la velocidad que corre derrumbaria edificios al estrellarse con ellos:
They went across from the brighter part of the city to a darker part. Kana didn’t mind the crowd of people walking about, but she reminded herself to not get distracted looking at these people while she was running at her Magical Girl speed. It could be dangerous. At this speed, Kana could actually burst through a building, causing it to collapse.
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