Respect to: Snow White (Magical Girl Rising Project)


“Las buenas personas son fáciles de destruir, las malas personas son fáciles de crear. Tengo que cambiar eso.”

Nombre: Himekawa Koyuki/Snow White
Apodos: Magical Girl Hunter, La Chica Mágica Ideal, Snowy.
Historia: Koyuki, mejor conocida como Snow White, es el personaje central de la serie de novelas ligeras Magical Girl Raising Project. Una idealista que piensa que las chicas mágicas son un objetivo al que aspirar más que un poder del que abusar. Debido a que los administradores de su prueba de selección solo buscaban su entretenimiento personal más que entrenar una nueva generación de Chicas Mágicas todas las involucradas acabaron muertas por lo que ella decidió convertirse en una figura que imponga miedo en las rebeldes para evitar que otra tragedia como esa vuelva a ocurrir.

Nota: Debido a que en general los PJs de las novelas suelen luchar con otros de su nivel no hay muchas menciones explicitas de durabilidad.

Características Generales:
Las Chicas Mágicas posee una gran cantidad de habilidades que comparten por su condición. Durante el respect pondré feats detallados de los listados y aquellos que no aparecen:
On the cover of the college notebook was a large 1. When she opened it, she saw some small letters arranged neatly.

Physical Power Enhancement

Night Vision

Enhanced Senses

Does not need to excrete

Does not need to eat

Does not need to sleep

Unusual Endurance

Will transform into a beautiful girl

These are the characteristics of a Magical Girl.
Los humanos son incapaces de recordar a las Chicas Mágicas al quedar encandilados por su bella apariencia:
“Humans that have been rescued have some correction adjusted to their eyes, Pon. To them, your beautiful appearance can only be described as ‘A beauty that’s out of this world’, unsatisfied, Pon?”
La transformación a Chica Mágica altera todo rasgo de una persona desde edad hasta sexo haciéndolas prácticamente un individuo distinto:
The reason Snow White didn’t know La Pucelle’s identity was also simple. The bright and energetic soccer boy and the image of a noble knight had no direct connection with each other, and when transformed as a Magical Girl, his physique and appearance, age, physical abilities, although she knew that all those things of their body would change after a transformation, she didn’t think that it would change their sex.
Fav aclara que las Chicas Mágicas no son ya seres humanos y que de perder sus poderes por algún motivo es el equivalente a morir:
Magical Girls and humans are not the same. They are two entirely different creatures.

A Magical Girl is a human, but humans can become Magical Girls.

However, if a human becomes a Magical Girl, they’re no longer ordinary humans. For their magical strength is something that far surpasses human strength.

“Losing the right to being a Magical Girl is the same as losing the right to become a living being. If you forfeit your life as a Magical Girl, you’re forfeiting your life as a human, Pon!”
Venenos y drogas mundanas no hacen efecto en Chicas Mágicas:
How many times has she done this now? Calamity Mary filled her glass with more amber liquid, she drank it all again. While Magicaloid simply sighed on the outside, she was amazed on the inside.

Poison can never pass through Magical Girls, their physical bodies are always in top shape, so obviously, alcohol won’t make them drunk, yet Calamity Mary still drank them. Was it a habit from her human self, or just how she chose to portray her Magical Girl?
Durante una entrevista el autor de las novelas explica que la durabilidad de las Chicas Mágicas depende de su poder. No son indestructibles para un humano solo que su resistencia es ridículamente alta para que nuestras armas las dañen:
How durable is a Magical Girl?

Asari Endou: Durability depends on the Magical Girl. Just like people, there’s no set “only this can hurt a Magical Girl”. Extremely weak Magical Girls may be hurt by a mine explosion, stronger ones will just shrug it off. It depends on their biology, equipment, and individual strengths. You could try dipping them in lava or acid then asking when it hurts though. I doubt it’ll work in Genopsycho with her suit. Still, a Magical Girl isn’t invincible, and there will be a point where they can be hurt. It’s just that point is ridiculously high, but variable.
Misma mención, pero dentro de la historia:
When she became a Magical Girl, she had felt her physical strength and thought that she could never die, but it turns out she was wrong. Humans couldn’t kill her; accidents or illnesses couldn’t kill her. However, no matter how sturdy or how strong a Magical Girl can hit back, a Magical Girl can hurt other Magical Girls.
Muestra de como las armas humanas no pueden dañar a una chica mágica:
The henchmen fired their guns according to their leader’s signal. They destroyed the wooden boxes, piercing the concrete walls, broke the glass windows, the bullets flew across the 10 meter-square room in all directions, and one of them pierced the leader’s thigh, he screamed, blood leaking out of it.

“Stop firing! Stop! Stop!”

The leader held his thighs and rolled down as he gave his instructions, the men stopped firing as he instructed. In the sunny weather of the winter, even the outlines of these people became light like dew.

“I may not believe in God, but I believe in my own justice! I am Masked Wonder! As long as justice exists, no bullet shall harm me!”

Bullet shells rolled on the floor, her cape was flowing in the wind, and this girl was standing high, no scars on her body at all.

“D-Damn you! You’re some kind of monster, woman!”
La Tierra de la Magia reafirmando lo peligrosa que es una chica mágica comparada a las armamento humano moderno:
Rather, these bad apples might be more serious than humans. Against humans, Magical Girls are like large carnivorous beasts, against tanks and fighter planes, missiles, weapons of mass destruction, they have more destructive capabilities than even those. A Magical Girl criminal is far worse than a human criminal.
Las Chicas Mágicas poseen mayor capacidad de aprendizaje que los humanos:
“I’ll teach you these tricks to becoming stronger, so please keep them in mind. First of all, you need to increase your time as a Magical Girl. Minimize your time as a human. Whenever you’re alone, you should be a Magical Girl.”

Humans and Magical Girls have different capabilities. When you’re trying to learn something, you learn faster as a Magical Girl.
Las Chicas Mágicas pueden resistir sin problemas los cambios en la presión atmosférica:
The sky was blue and so close. She could see the sun shining immediately, the clouds were being swept away. A thousand meters in the sky, there’s nothing but the clouds, the sky, and the sun.

Leaning on the tail of a jumbo jet aircraft on her fantastic journey, it all started when she applied to become a Master. She wasn’t blown off by the wind pressure, she won’t freeze at low temperatures, she won’t be bothered by the roar of the jet engines.
Las capacidades físicas de una Chica Mágica desafían las leyes de la física:
Magical Girls were a type of Mage granted power by the Land of Magic, ordered to act for the sake of the world and its people, and maybe just a little bit for themselves. Their physical abilities go beyond the limits of humans, defying the laws of physics entirely. These abilities are called ‘Magic’.
Se reafirma otra vez el hecho de que no siguen las leyes físicas:
Why did her form change into a different person? How can she overcome the limits of human abilities? How can she transcend such laws as the conservation of mass and basic laws of physics?

When she asked those questions, the answer was simply, “That’s just how magic works”. The only basic rules she was taught was “Hide your identity and help out the public.”
La visión de una Chica Mágica es ampliamente superior a la humana:
The sun was strong, and shining brightly. There were weeds growing apart from each other. The wastes continued as far as her eyes can see. There were tall buildings surrounding the area. Only three of them were visible in her field of view. All of them look collapsed.

Wait, how could she see this far? Her eyesight was a lot better than her human self. That means Chika had transformed into Pechika without her knowing about it.
La visión de una Chica Mágica abarca fácilmente 3 kilómetros:
She ran up the walls of the building, headed for the roof. It was about 4 kilometers from the school building. It was also about 3 kilometers from the building to the mountains. With a Magical Girl’s eyesight, she could distinguish between humans at this distance.
Poseen visión nocturna:
It looked like a bonfire gathering, but Magical Girls have night vision, so they’re not worried of spotting beasts. Magical Girls also need no warmth, so they just sat in a circle.
Poseen una increíble resistencia al sueño:
Her physical abilities far surpass creatures that are more capable than humans. Her excellent durability made it great for working in sleepless days. At night, she could see, just as clear in the darkness as it is in daytime.
La resistencia mental de las Chicas Mágicas es superior a la humana:
“Mamori, everyone else isn’t as calm as you think they are. However, I am indeed calm.”

“I know you’re calm, My Lady…”

“Of course you do, if you’re calm, Mamori, then I’d be calm as well. It’s just like our test examiner when we became Magical Girls said… What was her name again? Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s like she said, when you become a Magical Girl, you’re not only strong physically, but mentally as well. Even fear will fade.”

“I don’t think mine’s fading that well…”
Esta resistencia se extiende a cosas como el estrés:
Magical Girls have stronger mental strength than their human forms. This is true for their hearts, or any other part of their body. 7753 remained as a Magical Girl inside her house.

This is because if she transformed into a human, she’d be mentally exhausted, unable to sleep from being one of the few survivors of the massacre.

If she became human again, she would shrink back into alcoholism to relieve the pain, and then her body would be destroyed.
La ropa de las Chicas Mágicas está hecha para aguantar sus habilidades físicas sin destruirse:
Magical Girl costumes were custom made. They were able to endure a Magical Girl’s actions. Whether they move at sound breaking speed, or whether they burrow deep into the ground, they’d never be torn. On the other hand, human clothes were not designed to be worn by Magical Girls. If the human wearing them only did human-capable things, that wouldn’t be a problem, but it could never handle a Magical Girl’s full power.
Las Chicas Mágicas carecen de necesidades fisiológicas:
While everyone else was talking about things she didn’t understand, Mei was trying to figure out the lengths of what she could do. Her movements were fast, her power was strong, she could fly in the sky. She placed her hand on her belly. No matter how much food she ate, she usually still felt hungry, but now she didn’t even feel hunger at all. She didn’t even feel like pooping. She didn’t feel anymore sexual desires either.
Las Chicas Mágicas no necesitan comer y suelen hacerlo solo por instinto:
7753 bought a cheesecake, and stuffed it into her bag. Tepsekemei eagerly chewed on that cheesecake and didn’t make another sound again.

Magical Girls don’t need to eat, but Tepsekemei was munching all of this food. Maybe it was her animal instincts kicking in.
Las Chicas Mágicas poseen una gran longevidad:
Pukin and Sonia Bean were especially infamous Magical Girls among Magical Girl criminals. These two used to cause havoc over 130 years ago in the United Kingdom.
Cuando una Chica Mágica posee gran fuerza su transformación no se deshace al perder la consciencia:
Hana was lying in a fetal position, as if she had lost consciousness. Yet it seems like her transformation hasn’t been undone, a testament to her higher strength.
Las Chicas Mágicas poseen un gran factor curativo:
The ability of a Magical Girl to repair their body was strong. Bone fractures could heal beautifully without setting them. If she were a human, she could die from injuries due to blood loss, but with food and rest, she could recover her body. A Magical Girl as strong as Pukin has an especially high healing ability, and the time required to self-heal was also very short, not only physical injuries, but she noticed and was grateful that costume damage was also healed.
Para reforzar la fuerza de su factor curativo se menciona que golpes al cráneo o la medula espinal no son muy efectivos:
When she saw this battle training for the first time, she panicked. The crescent sword being swung up and down hitting a girl’s cranium, having that panic being passed to her could make her faint.

While trying to avoid the boomerang, the hammer using girl couldn’t avoid the trident from behind her, directly hitting the center of her spinal cord, Byoing, she heard an unforgettable sound.
Las Chicas Mágicas pueden aumentar su poder cuando están completamente enfocadas en algo:
Then it sprang out from the bottom of her heart. A small wave turning into a huge tsunami, all of Marika Fukuroi’s remaining energy attempted to overflow. Power. This pure power was trying to change Marika. Sometimes, when a Magical Girl was completely focused on something, they can achieve rapid growth, that’s what Mao Pam had taught her. That was over 10 years ago. It was a miracle that Marika still remembered.
Las Chicas Mágicas tiene su propia versión del Zenkai Power aumentando su fuerza si sobreviven a una experiencia cercana a la muerte:
Soldiers who are willing to die are frightening. If those soldiers were Magical Girls, that’d be even more frightening. People who believed in attacking the enemy despite potentially sacrificing their most important thing, their lives. Magical Girls who think like that can grow their hearts. Magical Girls who could grow their hearts stronger could also grow their magical abilities stronger. They might be mad enough to die, but they won’t let it end with a simple death.
Las Chicas Mágicas poseen resistencia a los cambios de temperatura:
Magical Girls don’t mind heat or cold. Pythie didn’t like her coffee super-hot, but she won’t get a burn from it.
Transformarse en Chica Mágica desinhibe rasgos especificos de la personalidad original:
Mariko and Marika are not two different people. They’re the same person sharing two bodies.

The difference is that as a Magical Girl, some personality traits were… affected.

As Marika, she was a lot more instinctive, lustful for battle, and a lot more brash. This had some basis in Mariko’s personality, but it was easier for her to keep it down as Mariko.

In a way, it’s like being drunk. You lose your sense of inhibition, but unlike being drunk, Marika was completely aware of what she’s doing, and she won’t do anything to stop it.
La principal habilidad de Snow White es su hechizo para "leer los corazones de gente en problemas" como describe su perfil de Chica Mágica:
In the Magical Skill column, she saw ‘Can hear the voices of people in distress’.
It was a perfectly applicable Magical Skill to Koyuki, whose ideal image of a Magical Girl was someone who used their magic for the sake of the world and its people. Koyuki was grateful to the Land of Magic. She thanked them for making her into a Magical Girl. She thanked them for giving her this beautiful Magical Skill.
Su hechizo puede detectar personas sin necesidad de sus 5 sentidos e ignorando objetos mágicos como la Capa de Invisibilidad:
A Magical Girl with dog ears suddenly revealed herself.

“What are you talking about!? You’re supposed to hit her from the back when I was moving around! You’re not supposed to let her find you! Idiot! Stupid dog! Useless!”

The angel darted around, avoiding the road sign being swung about.

“If you’re not gonna use it, give it to me!”
Su hechizo es más como un radar que en todo momento esta detectando a las personas a su alrededor:
She must be acting on her magic of hearing people in distress.

Originally, I thought that her magic only applied to opponents in front of her, but that’s wrong.

It seems to be a passive magic that acted more like a radar, with a range far beyond what I could imagine.

She picked up the voice of someone in distress, and would accurately pinpoint their location and help appropriately.
Posee el hechizo telepático más poderoso entre las chicas mágicas ya que al contrario de todos los demás hechizos ella no se sobrecarga de información a pesar de que su hechizo es pasivo y activo en todo momento:
Although she was a Magical Girl who had just debuted, no other could match her when it came to similar powersets.

Most mind-reading based skills have some kind of limitation. It seems that although hers was passive, it could be focused if she tried.

I know of another mind-reading Magical Girl. She had the ability of shortening the process of information gathering. Her mind was shattered when she tried to process a large amount of information at once.

It doesn’t seem like Snow White would have any situations like that with her powers.
Snow White es capaz de detectar y atacar debilidades al percibir la angustia con su hechizo:
Snow White lacks Clamberry’s experience or knowledge. Her magic was ‘To hear the voices of people in distress’.

In the test, she was able to find hidden enemies by listening to their hearts when they were stressed out.

She was also able to tell Ripple that Fav would be able to be killed using the Land of Magic’s weapon, because she heard Fav’s distress upon seeing the weapon.
El hechizo de Snow White es tan preciso que puede incluso dilucidar si un plan que la involucra es peligroso para ella o no:
It was hard for me to come face to face with Snow White.

The reason for that was due to her Magical Skill, ‘To hear the voices of people in distress’.

Indeed, if Snow White knew what I had planned, I had thought to myself that I would be in danger. There was a possibility that she would find out if I met her face-to-face.

And now, I can see that her response was just that, as she heard me explain everything to Ripple.

Beyond knowledge of her Magical Skill, nothing in the world can hide your true feelings.

This was one of the few cases where knowing my opponent’s Magical Skill actually placed me at a disadvantage.
Usando su hechizo para averiguar información especifica, como una contraseña:
Snow White left the room of the Magical Girl Division. She had all the information she needed. When she asked for the password, she read the Head’s entire mind. He was worried that she’d find out his password, and so she read the password hidden within his heart.
Con su hechizo es capaz de rastrear a otras Chicas Mágicas con habilidades mentales a través de las personas que controlen.
A young playboy had outstretched his hand, and a man in his mid-50s with a suit waved his commuter pass as he reached out. Snow White sidestepped them both. She looked from left to right as she saw a crowd of suited expressionless people surrounding her. She jumped up higher, until she was on top of a guardrail. Everyone here was human, easy enough to avoid.

She listened closely to the voices in their hearts. They were all being controlled. Their voices were dull and one-tone.

Their focus was on Snow White. They cared little for their own safety. Well, there was a little care in their safety, but only to the extent that they had to make sure they watched where they were going so, they could catch their prey. Someone was issuing them precise magical commands with her control.

As she was running away, she was listening close for voices that were talking about their own self, trying to pinpoint their location. That would be easy to pick out, as the drones of other voices were moving around. Only one voice was standing still.

She accelerated, charging with one weapon branded in her hand, crossing the sidewalk, before aiming at a particular art piece—one that the Mayor had commissioned a famous artist to make, no less—and broke through it with her weapon, piercing the tail of a Magical Girl hidden behind it.

Parts of the asphalt broke as Snow White’s weapon pierced through and stuck itself there, the shocked girl barely had time to react as Snow White kicked her knee, knocked her out, and stomped on her antenna, breaking it apart, and releasing the control of everyone from her. Afterwards, she pulled out her weapon, tied up the girl, and placed everything inside her bag.
Puede rastrear Chicas Mágicas entre duplicados mágicos e incluso que cambian de forma.
Just like training, she thought, gripping her weapon tight.

She saw the gap produced by the flock when they shook and hesitated at Snow’s jerky movements, and pushed through towards that gap. Though it was only for a split second, she was able to see it and jumped straight for it, swinging her weapon at the flock. She cut through a section of them, and heard a demonic scream echoing throughout the flock. When Snow White landed, she looked to her left and right.

The flock had all fallen down powerless, the rest followed suit. And at the gap, slowly, the cones began to form a shape that seemed like a slumped over human body. She had a T-shirt on with big letters and jeans, and a light brown twintail. Her Magical Skill was the ability to change her own body into conical objects, then copy herself and move as a flock together.

Snow White lifted the girl by the collar, tied her up, and stuffed her in her bag. The reason she knew where she was within the hundreds of cones was simple. When Snow White sensed her thoughts, she would be the only one who wouldn’t want to be attacked, meaning she practically outed which cones she was disguised as in the hundreds of copies.
Su hechizo puede navegar entre una mente colmena como las Shufflin para ubicar el cuerpo principal, pero requiere de esfuerzo ya que compartir mente diluye la personalidad entre todos los cuerpos.
Snow White understood why the Shufflins had very little ego. At the same time, she understood how there can be multiple Shufflins at once.

“The memories are shared for every card. While the Hearts were the ones following Grim Heart in fear, the Spades and Clubs were told to stay away for us, they were worried of being discovered. I thought at first that each one had her own personality, but they way they think is like one of them dilutes their thoughts to all of them. There’s probably a leader, sharing her memory, the one in charge of all of them…”
No se ve afectada por el hechizo de Uluru de "contar mentiras" ya que sabe de inmediato que son mentiras.
Uluru’s ability to make anyone believe her lies allowed her to say “Lay down on the ground and close your eyes or you’ll die!” The Shufflins believed it and did so, neutralizing them, and allowing them to be bound. If you know that Uluru’s lie was a lie, then her powers immediately cancel, so Snow White was released instantly when she heard the voice in Uluru’s heart saying “I’d be in trouble if they knew it’s a lie.” Sorami, who knew how Uluru worked, could be released without even hearing her. Fal, who had heard her powers explained was slightly confused, but was also released from her powers. Only the Shufflins, who didn’t know about her powers, continued to be restrained by her magic, and remained lying down with their eyes closed.
Su hechizo siendo usado en combate actúa como una pseudo-precognición y aclarando que no puede leer una memoria borrada:
“You know, my Magical Skill…… it’s changed a bit since I first got it”

“Oh? That’s because you’re growing, aren’t you, Snow White?”

“In the past, it was hearing the voices of people in distress. Even now, the fundamentals haven’t changed, but someone’s subconsciousness, their reflexes, as long as they think, I can hear all of their voices without them realizing it.”

“Ah, that’s true! I can feel some of that during your fight with Flame Flamey!”

“I’ll trip you, but I hope you don’t avoid it” is what she was thinking while she wasn’t attacking anyone. Snow White’s defenses, attacks, it looked like she’d already read Flame Flamey’s reflexes beforehand.

“But I can’t read any erased memories. So I had to investigate myself. Your mentor, do you remember her name?”
Su hechizo no puede detectar trampas mecánicas y ese deber es relegado a Fal:
Snow White proceeded in front whilst wielding Ruler. Her powers could detect ambushes, but not mechanical traps. That part was Fal’s responsibility. The ceiling, floors, walls, not to mention in front and back, Fal continued to search in six directions and kept looking for traps. Snow White moved at Fal’s sensing pace, which slowed her walking speed down.
Snow White mencionando que no puede predecir objetivos que no poseen una mente la cual leer:
Those beasts were a problem. However, the shadow weapons were still handleable. So long as Dark Cutie was using them as a weapon, Snow White could still read her mind. But if they were the shadow beasts acting on their own, then Snow White wouldn’t be able to. They had no thoughts; they didn’t think of anything. They stormed Snow White like drones on autopilot.
Dark Cutie destaca lo buen estratega que es Snow White durante el combate:
That’s when it hit her.

The rooftop, the fire extinguisher, the way Snow White was fighting.

The rooftop was a wide-open space. No walls for Dark Cutie’s shadows to get shortcuts from. Easier to fight against thanks to them only being constrained to the floor.

The rooftop also meant that Snow White could keep an eye on Dark Cutie at all times.

The roof itself was an apartment building, and they were fighting in a block full of apartments and department stores.

Snow White already had the fire extinguisher in mind, and in a wide-open space, the mist will spread farther to block out the sunlight.

Speaking of sunlight. Snow White must’ve chosen to leave at this time zone because it’s closer to sunset. In time, Dark Cutie would’ve lost the light of the sun. She even took that into consideration in her strategy?

She wasn’t fighting back because she wanted to buy time. Time for Sachiko to leave. She already had an exit strategy in mind as well. She had two. Either she uses the fire extinguisher, or waits for the sun to set.

She wasn’t fighting blindly, but she also wasn’t fighting fairly. She was using every single advantage that she had. She lured Dark Cutie to the one place where she knew she would be safe, no matter what happened.

The moment Dark Cutie accepted the invitation to fight on that rooftop, she had no chance of defeating Snow White…

…I see. So, this is why they call you the Magical Girl Hunter.
Equipo y Armas:
Toda Chica Mágica posee un Teléfono Mágico que sirve como aparato de transformación y smartphone. Sin embargo, los teléfonos de las Chicas Mágicas solo pueden ser usados por sus dueñas:
Other than that, she also taught her about her Magical Phone, a device that only Magical Girls can operate. Despite the over-exaggeration that these Magical Phones could only be used by Magical Girls, when Top Speed taught her how to operate it, it was no different than a normal smartphone.
El Teléfono Mágico de Snow White es especial ya que posee el rango de Administrador haciéndolo tan duro que solo otros objetos encantados pueden destruirlo:
She turned on her administrator phone, she opened her mailbox, there was a text from her director in the Land of Magic.
“I told you it’s useless. Administrator phones are very durable, Pon. It’s not simple ones like the ones you had, only high leveled people in the Land of Magic use these things. Your attacks won’t be enough, Snow White.”
“Swim Swim’s weapon…”

“An everyday item of the Land of Magic…”

“This is bad…”

“This could be really bad…”

“I have to make Ripple listen to me somehow…”

“What a minute, Ripple. You misunderstand, Pon. Fav wasn’t making fun of Top Speed, Pon. Fav respects Magical Girls, Pon. Fav may have messed with you Magical Girls, but all of it was Clamberry’s orders, Pon. She threatened Fav if Fav wouldn’t help her, Pon. Originally, Fav has all these things Fav can use to stop rampaging Magical Girls, but she used it to break the rul-”

“Don’t listen to him!”

Snow White yelled, at the same time, Ripple thrusted downwards.
Es la dueña de la “Pata de Conejo” un objeto mágico que aumenta la suerte del portador.
“I have… the bag, the weapon, and the cloak. Snow has the Rabbit’s Foot… and the medicine… I think I ate it all, there’s no more.”
Descripción oficial del objeto:
Lucky Rabbit’s Foot.

When you’re in a big pinch, lucky things will happen to you. It’s up to you whether you could be saved from that pinch you have, so don’t expect too much.
La pata de conejo funcionando en la práctica:
And even now, the Rabbit’s Foot, the Magical Item that could grant luck to the user, indeed made Snow White lucky. She really was lucky, because she was able to see the mentor that she wished would watch her in training.
Ella posee una naginata encantada e indestructible llamada "Ruler" que consiguió posterior a los eventos del primer arco:
A Naginata seems like a heavy weapon, but in the hands of a Magical Girl, it was as light as a feather. The White Magical Girl moved it with such fine precision, as if it were an extension of her body.
Descripción oficial del arma (Como nota en ese momento el arma no estaba definida razón por la que la descripción no hace hincapie en que tipo de arma es):

A weapon that you could add to your Avatar’s costume. Even against a Magical Girl’s strength, it won’t break. You’re able to choose the type of weapon you want from a list. You could also give it a cool name.
Como Ruler es indestructible una puerta diseñada para no poder ser abierta por Chicas Mágicas por más que intentara no podía cerrarse al tenerla como topón:
They heard the voice of the woman again, and Deluge tried to grab onto the door. However, a Magical Girl’s arm strength wouldn’t be enough to lift this door. There was barely enough room to slide in.

The password had changed.

Now the door wouldn’t open.

Snow White placed Ruler in the gap between the bulkhead and the floor. Since Ruler could never be broken, the door could never crush it. They heard the crunching noise that the door made as it tried to close. However, the door itself wasn’t widening. There wasn’t enough space to slide a girl’s body through. They can’t slip through like this.
Posee una Bolsa 4D donde guarda todo su equipamiento:
The expression of the White Magical Girl hasn’t changed. She twirled her Naginata and stabbed it on the wooden floor. Then, she pulled out something from a small bag. The red flames were smothered with gray smoke. The item she pulled out… was a Fire Extinguisher.
Descripción oficial de la Bolsa 4D:
4-Dimensional Bag.

Its size was one that you could easily carry by yourself. No matter how big or heavy an object is, they can fit right inside of it. Thanks to it being 4-dimensional, there’s an infinite amount of items that you could fit inside of it.
Fal, su hada electrónica, fue mejorada por su antigua dueña dándole un rendimiento superior a sus congéneres:
Fal’s previous Master Keek had remodeled him, he had a higher performance beyond the abilities of a normal Cyber Fairy.

Using Fal’s abilities, nothing is anonymous, and he can easily identify the senders.

Fal also didn’t just handle the mail, he was able to perform analysis on a selection of information coming from a wide network.
Fal’s origins were special. As a defective item, Fal only waited for disposal, and Keek, who was like God within the cyber realm, picked him up, using her power to remodel him, and distorted him.

Fal did not appreciate Keek. Even if he had higher specs than a regular FA-Series Cyber Fairy, he never thought that it was a good thing, Keek never showed Fal tenderness or kindness.
Fal siendo capaz de detectar otras Chicas Mágicas en un rango de 200 metros:
“One reaction. The only Magical Girl within a 100-meter radius is just you, Pon. Snow White.”

“Can you widen the range?”

“I can only do up to 200-meters, Pon. Anything wider than that is nothing that normal Magical Phones can do.”

“Then increase it to 200.”
Fal es capaz de reaccionar y transformar a Snow White en nanosegundos:
While he was monitoring the presence of Magical Girls within a 200-meter radius, since Snow White shared her transformation mechanism with him, no matter how sudden an accident would happen, they could respond in nanoseconds.
Fal tiene una pequeña dimensión de bolsillo en el ciberespacio donde puede enviar cosas, como la familia de Snow White:
Furthermore, there were programs hidden in the mobile phones of Snow White’s family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, and anyone she thought of, in case of an emergency, they’d be pulled into the virtual space that Keek normally uses.
Fal tiene almacenada la data de cada Chica Mágica en la actualidad:
Fal’s original Master, Keek, loved Magical Girls, she explored many Magical Girls to fulfill her image of the Ideal Magical Girl. She documented many Magical Girls in the process, all packed within Fal. A simple directory. Not just a directory, but personality, current job, it was a large amount of data.

“Marika Fukuroi. Ex-Mao School student. A Magical Girl who was classmates with Clamberry and Flamey, Pon.”

“Oh! A Mascot Character! You’re probably a Magical Girl with backbone!”

“She has a flower blooming on her head, Pon. It may look ridiculous, but it possesses mysterious magical powers, don’t underestimate it, Pon.”
La capacidad de análisis de Fal es superior incluso a la magia actual:
But the text said that they couldn’t speak of it, if they do, their memories will be erased. He didn’t know if that was true, but Fal had analyzed the text, and it was a fact that he couldn’t find out if it was enchanted. Fal’s analysis ability was undeceivable by even the most top-notched magic.
Fal es capaz de detectar barreras y demonios además de otras Chicas Mágicas:
She walked very naturally, like a person in a rush, but not too fast either.

“No reaction, Pon!”

“Nothing? Barriers? What about barriers?”

“Nope. There really is nothing, Pon!”

“Your radar works, right?”

“If any Shufflins come, or any demons, or anything at all, I’ll detect it, Pon!”

It’s kind of strange. Koyuki expected to encounter resistance as she approached the manor, but having nobody ambush her was also a nice change of pace.
Fal al estar vinculado a Snow White es capaz escanear sus signos vitales, aunque estén separados físicamente:
“But there’s something urgent, Pon! I detected Snow White’s vital signs, Pon!”

Pfle had done some research into Keek after the game. She had found out that she had indeed remodeled a Cyber Fairy using her magic.

Because of that, Fal was a complete upgrade than any other Cyber Fairy in existence. So, finding Magical Girls by their vital signs would be something he could do.
Fal no requiere baterías para funcionar:
“Something wrong, Pon?”

“No, you don’t have to worry about that. More importantly, can your Magical Phone run without batteries?”

“Oh, it’s always been that way, Pon! I don’t really know, nor do I care that much. Might be because of how I am, Pon!”
Fal es capaz de crear hologramas hiperrealistas:
“Your stereoscopic image! You can project things other than your own body, right? Can you project what’s behind me?”

“I can project it, yeah, Pon!”

“Okay, how realistic will it be?”

“The projection will seem genuine, Pon!”

“Then I need you to do one thing for me”

“What is it, Pon?”

Even in this fierce battle, it was easy to find people who weren’t yet devoted to Puk Puck.

Those who were covering her eyes, those who looked down unnaturally, those who weren’t full of happiness.

Those who were enamored with Puk Puck would only attack the ones who weren’t, and would show Puk Puck’s videos to them.

Hammer understood that quickly. She asked Fal to project an image of Hammer’s joyful face onto her, covering up her real face. By doing that, Hammer was able to cheat Puk Puck.

It’s like those times in the movies, when someone would pretend to be a zombie by moving, moaning, and acting like a zombie. That was Hammer’s plan now.
Snow White posee la Cimitarra de Princess Inferno en su arsenal:
Princess Deluge raised her trident, at the same time, Snow White took out something from her bag. While Deluge was trying to thrust forward with her spear, she stopped for just a moment. What Snow White was holding was a familiar blade. During the simulation fights, or in fights with Disruptors, it was Inferno’s Crescent Blade.
Snow White consiguió un método hasta ahora desconocido para bloquear la magia de Frederica, aunque se sugiere que debe ser por la magia de un Mago.
Speaking of Snow White… Frederica changed her crystal ball...

...But nothing was reflected. It was just a crystal ball. She waited two minutes, three minutes. Nothing. Frederica cancelled her Magical Skill. Why was Snow White not reflected? The hair on her fingers was definitely Snow White’s. She must’ve taken some measures to prevent her from spying on her. She knew that Snow White had a Mage assisting her. At the very least, Snow White should’ve had some Mage allies, too. Was there some enchantment that allowed her to reflect any powers against her? Did the Mage create it? Was there something else at play? Frederica shivered in joy, and laughed. The chained Magical Girl squirmed with distaste.
Snow White levantando un auto:
A white girl in a school uniform helped push a car that was stuck inside a roadside ditch.
Puede romper concreto con sus patadas:
The sound of stone pavement cut off Fav’s voice. The Magical Phone above the pavement was being trampled, cracks appearing underneath in the concrete. Snow White continued stomping on it, driving the Magical Phone deeper into the concrete.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! The sound of her stomping on the phone tore through the rain.
Rompiendo rocas con solo la fuerza de sus saltos:
Snow White broke the boulder in half as she jumped towards me. Kicking me as hard as she could.

The rocks that the two were jumping from were torn in half. These two Magical Girls with such quality, it’s truly regrettable that I have to kill them both.
Fal menciona que Marika puede destruir un tanque, esto se destaca ya que Marika considera a Snow White una de las pocas capaces de luchar con ella:
“Even among the Mao’s School, she was expelled due to her ferocity… she wanted to fight tanks, so she went to South America to fight with all the drug traffickers, she’s nothing but a battle-crazy person, Pon!”

Of course, Fal himself belonged to a Magical Girl who stopped many wars in the Middle East, but let’s leave that aside for now.
Como referencia era un tanque mágico y lo destruyo cuando estaba en el kinder:
Clamberry may outmatch Marika in physical abilities, but in strength? Nobody in the entirety of Mao School was a match for Marika Fukuroi in strength. Reach is related to physical abilities, but strength had no relation to it. No Magical Girl can compare to Marika, who sumo wrestled a magical tank when she was in kindergarten.
Snow White es de las pocas chicas mágicas capaz de enfrentar a una Shufflin "As de Picas" directamente, un soldado artificial que requiere de un grupo de veteranas para simplemente contenerla y que puede rivalizar facilmente con las mejores estudiantes de la Escuela Mao:
Then Snow White began swinging Ruler, the Ace raised her spear vertically to stop it, but Ruler changed orbit instantly, yet the Ace flicked her spear to send stone piles to parry Ruler. She was able to move faster than Snow White’s enhanced reflexes by just a bit.

It wasn’t that they were no match, it was that the Ace’s battle abilities were too high.
So they just had to get rid of the main body, but that also meant that it was meaningless to defeat hordes of them if they weren’t the main one. Even the Ace of Spades was unnaturally strong by herself. Snow White, Marika Fukuroi, Styler Mimi, Filuru, Inferno, Deluge was finally able to beat her by going 6 vs 1. Her back was slashed, her neck had been sliced with scissors, yet she was still attacking.

Even after her head was decapitated she was still spasming and moving.
She had to buy time, taking advantage of her camouflage until her flower bloomed. The Ace of Spades outclassed the best of the best in the Mao’s School in physical abilities, but only in physical abilities. Marika knew this, because she was one of the best of the best in Mao’s School when it came to physical abilities. However, you needed to use your powers to win as well.
Snow rompiendo el hormigón del suelo con un extintor:
Snow White gracefully landed down, grabbed her hand on the fire extinguisher, and slammed the concrete rooftop below her, creating a crack between the fox shadow and Snow White.

The stunned fox shadow was then stabbed by Snow White’s halberd.
Snow White recibe PS de Pechika, una de las Chicas Mágicas más debiles de todas que puede correr 2 km en un parpadeo:
That certainly wasn’t Pechika. She looked around, and her Magical Girl vision saw a figure behind the cloud of dust. The body size was a little smaller than an adult male… It was a female. She had a Katana lowered on her right hand. Was she trying to help out? Pechika could only see abandoned buildings and weeds around her. There was no one else around, and they were separated by around 2 kilometers, so maybe she was trying to help.

If she did try to help, then she must have good intentions. Surely, she must. Suddenly, Pechika’s ran through the area with blinding speed. She almost couldn’t comprehend it. In the blink of an eye, she ran 2 kilometers, bowing her head down.

“T-Thank you! Thank you very much!!!”
Fue capaz de reaccionar a los ataques de Frederica a pesar de que ella puede teletransportar parcialmente partes de su cuerpo:
I switched back to Snow White. My Magical Skill can drag people in the crystal ball to where I am. However, sometimes it depends on my strength.

I have the strength to crush bones if I managed to grab my opponent’s neck.

I aimed at Snow White’s neck, gently, I prepared, and thrusted my hand forward.

However, when I thought I would grab onto Snow White’s neck, Snow White turned around and thrust her arm forward to mine.

No, I had already forgotten.

Snow White didn’t thrust her bare hands, she had thrusted the hand that gripped the knife, and stabbed her knife towards my palm, twisting the knife inside of it.

The girl.

Being carried by Snow White, she must’ve seen my hand appear out of nowhere. She must’ve been so scared at this whole situation.

Snow White read her mind, and immediately reacted to stab my hand. In response to that, Ripple immediately launched her attack by unplugging her clip and throwing it to me.
Chicas Mágicas más débiles que ella pueden desintegrar mármol con solo correr sobre el:
The three girls ran so furiously across the Magical Castle’s marble-clad floor, that by the time their raging footsteps made a sound, it immediately disappeared.
Clantail, una chica mágica a su nivel, al correr es capaz de hacer que toda una plaza tiemble:
With the fountain in between them, the shouting that happened over 15 meters away was stopped. Clantail raised her hooves, and stomped them to the ground. The momentum was so severe that the entire Square could feel it.
Snow White esquiva la patada de Marika que recorrió como mínimo 200 metros en línea recta:
Fal ignored Marika’s reaction and continued his comments.

When Fal voiced that, there was a simple large electronic sound that rang. It was probably not a nice sound to hear. If they didn’t pay attention, they wouldn’t even have time to register the danger. A Magical Girl had appeared within 200 meters. When Fal wanted to accurately check her position, he heard a crashing sound, but Snow White had already made one backflip and landed on the iron fence.

There was a Magical Girl there. Her face was smiling as if something was funny. Her overall color scheme was poisonous, there was a large flower on her head, her hair was the color of autumn cherry trees.

This Magical Girl, Marika Fukuroi, already attacked the instant she came within range of his radar. She moved with such full powered speed in a straight beeline to land a kick to Snow White it was almost admirable, meaning she’s an enemy.
Esto es destacable ya que Fal comenta que Marika se mueve con un retraso de la mitad de un parpadeo:
The first is that a Magical Girl showed up just when his radar reacted. Marika and Styler Mimi’s speed were frightening, but they still had a delay of half an eyeblink, they were jumping vigorously here, so they had to generate energy for it.
Snow White es capaz de correr más rápido que la explosión de una granada encantada:
Stuntchika moved. She took out grenades from her sleeves, then pulled the pins. Grim Heart panickedly turned around, Snow White kept running without looking back.

A flash, an explosion, and impact. The crescent sword was being held by Snow White. That was the only thing Inferno could understand. The explosion was getting closer and closer. Inferno could feel the wounds on her back heating up.
Snow esquivando el ataque de las 4 sombras de Dark Cutie sin salir herida:
4-on-1 Snow White.

The snake is poisonous.

The wolf and the sickle will attack from both sides.

The whip will distract her.

The wolf opened its jaws to snap at Snow White, and the snake as well. Snow White pointed the fire extinguisher towards the snake, and the snake bit the fire extinguisher instead.

She then jumped and performed a backflip, avoiding the wolf’s lunge.

The jump also moved her back from the range of Dark Cutie’s whip.

Next, the sickle was deflected using her halberd. Blocking and dodging all four attacks. Not bad, hero!

Still enough room for one more shadow.

By rotating her neck, a bit, Dark Cutie made a cat’s shadow. It lunged forward as well, towards Snow White.

Snow White expertly dodged all of them, moving gracefully. Concrete and debris were flying everywhere in the rooftops, the protective fences were destroyed.

Snow White was flipping around, dodging, using both concrete, cracks, her halberd, her fire extinguisher.

She used everything at her disposal. She was sweating as she moved and reacted faster than before. Not a single scratch on her.
Mimi y Hana, otras chicas inferiores a Snow White pueden luchar tan rapido que ni siquiera camaras encantadas pueden seguirles el paso:
Mimi dashed off. She could close the distance of ten meters with a single step. She had between three fingers, a large pair of scissors, which had slashed through where Hana was standing, but Hana was already gone.

“They’re fast! The cameras are equipped with Magical Sensors to keep track of their movements and even they’re struggling to keep up.”

“Not just fast. They are used to bladed battles.”

Hana launched a kick from behind, and Mimi spun around, blocking it with her big gigantic haircutting scissors. But Hana managed to pull her leg back faster and switch directions, kicking up the dirt to create a smokescreen.

Mimi tried to break through by circling around the right, but by the time she had arrived, Hana had already left again.

“They are not just simply fast, but they are tactical as well.”

“Of course! When you’re fighting a foe with a weapon, you wanna keep yourself at a decent range. This ain’t no brawl, they’re moving to quickly neutralize and secure victory. I’ve seen those types in the Mao School too, even if it’s a gathering of fighters.”
Snow White derrotando a Shadow Clamberry de un solo ataque.
The Forest Musician turned around, but she wasn’t staring at Ranyui. She still didn’t consider Ranyui her opponent. Instead, she saw someone beyond Ranyui. A girl in a white middle school uniform, jumping out through the darkness. Something flickered within the Forest Musician’s expression. Still, the White Magical Girl charged forward, wielding a Naginata, while the Forest Musician stepped forward to meet her in battle, but the White Magical Girl was much faster than her. Before the Forest Musician could even move a single step, she cleaved her Naginata, and the Forest Musician’s head came flying off.
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